Sunday, March 13, 2016

Thoughts and Position on Imminent Bukit Batok By-Elections

First of all, I thank all those people who private message me to encourage me to contest in this coming Bukit Batok By-elections. Their encouragement is pretty warming.

But I have to clarify an important point. Elections is an expensive and energy draining activity. Funding aside, it requires volunteers and party members to spend their efforts on the ground relentlessly. Thus, I have never preferred multi-corner fights UNLESS really necessary for important considering. I am more concerned about my volunteers, supporters and party members' welfare than going into contest for the sake of it.

That is why my first response to media inquiries is that though I would not rule out any contest yet, but I will have to discuss with SDP first and understand their plans before making any decision. This is to prevent replication of efforts and wasting resources, tiring out our own volunteers for absolutely nothing to be gained.

If SDP is going to send their previous candidate who has contested in Bukit Batok to go for the by-elections, then I would have to seriously consider whether PPP should contest in this by-elections. To be fair to the voters of Bukit Batok, we should give them a real choice, a better choice. For the current assessment, I do not think SDP will do that.

So far, many supporters online have been calling out for Dr Chee to contest the by-elections. With due respect, I would not want PPP to contest if Dr Chee is to contest in this by-elections. However, it would be a regrettable decision to me.

My view is Dr Chee will have great difficulties, more difficult than some, in winning the seat in Bukit Batok. He will risk stagnating his political upswing for the next GE.

But if SDP is to nominate Prof Paul to contest, I would not only support SDP but also help in the campaigning because there will be a REAL chance for opposition to win another seat in parliament. I will also convince my party members, supporters and volunteers to help in the campaigning as well.

Goh Meng Seng

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