Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Don't Void Your Votes to Make PAP Halimah Looks GOOD! Anyone But Halimah!

Message of the Day

Don't make PAP Halimah look Extremely Good by voiding your votes! Just vote ANYONE BUT PAP HALIMAH!

Some people have been going around to urge people, especially Opposition supporters to void their votes. I hate to say this but this is an Extremely Stupid idea to start with!

First of all, do you know what will happen if these people managed to convince 10% of opposition voters to void their votes? It would mean that right after polling result comes out, the MSM media will have headlines screaming "Halimah has won a Glorious Victory with over 80% of valid votes cast!"

It would be even worse if both of the other contestants lost their deposits!

Do you want to make PAP look good with such a "Reserved Presidential Elections"?

Tony Tan is a Face-Losing President without much legitimacy or mandate basically because he got less than 50% of valid votes cast! The aim for this coming PE, IF THERE IS ANY CONTEST at all, is either to make Halimah lose or shame her and PAP by depriving her the basic mandate of 50%! This will be a tight slap on Halimah and PAP's public discourse of having a President who represents and unite Singaporeans.

This should be the ONLY Objective of this coming PE, to shame PAP for its political maneuvering and deprive Halimah the legitimacy and mandate of Singaporeans.

If we continue to have Elected Presidents who cannot even garner a simple majority of support from Singaporeans, then this Elected Presidency is basically flawed and we should then demand the amendment of the Constitution to have second round of voting between the two highest polling candidates if the first round of voting doesn't produce a winner who could garner more than 50% of valid votes cast!

Do not hand over the total monopoly of power to PAP so easily without a fight. The role of opposition politicians is to win votes, not to ask voters to void their votes and in the end making PAP looks extremely good with glorious results!

If PAP didn't even care about Barisan Socialists boycotting the GE back in 1960s, do you think PAP even care about people voiding votes?

Please do not repeat the stupid mistake which Barisan Socialists made when they boycotted the GE and handed over total monopoly of power to PAP so easily on a silver platter!

Goh Meng Seng