Thursday, March 17, 2016

PAP's Most Disrespectful Rule to "He Who Cannot Be Named"

When "He Who Cannot be Named" is alive, we could still scold him, make fun of him etc... But now, PAP even BAN us from doing it by setting some silly guideline or rules saying "He Who Cannot Be Named" should be accorded with "dignity or respect"?

Hello! "He Who Cannot Be Named" had made so many people's lives so miserable and so many enemies, you expect people not to scold "You Know Who"? You expect these people to treat "He Who Cannot Be Named" with "respect and dignity"?

I guess only Communist countries set such rules... or did they?

Photo from PAP Propaganda Department now made irrelevant by PAP

Every "Historic" figures or politicians with significant influence to his time, will no doubt has his own controversies, enemies and adversaries. In Chinese culture, we always say, you will be judged once you are in your coffin.

Even in Ancient Chinese history, very few Emperors will have all POSITIVE records and praises; even the most outstanding Emperors will be criticized for some of his failures.

As a politician, even a great politician, you couldn't possibly please everybody every time. Some people may have to suffer from your policies or even ruthlessness and it is only right for these people or their future generations, to view you negatively.

Thus I do not think PAP's "Ownself Protect Ownself" legacy of "You Know Who" has any sense at all. It just exposed their own insecurity and lack of confidence that He Who Cannot Be Named cannot gain all good praises but would receive negative remarks or criticisms for his past deeds. 

It will become the Biggest Joke of the 21st Century, during this Internet Era to have such guidelines even mentioned.

He Who Cannot Be Named had never been afraid of any criticisms from anyone when he was alive but PAP has just made him look like a wimp who needed extra protection else his legacy would extinct! This is the most disrespectful thing they are doing to You Know Who: A show of Total No-Confidence in his political legacy and apparently, they think that He Who Cannot Be Named cannot withstand the test of time and criticisms.

Goh Meng Seng

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Anonymous said...

One cannot avoid realty. Like every one else we all have our faults. Mr. Goh I am sure your children will view some of your short falls and all the +++. Your children may harbor their resentment to you like what your feelings now towards our founding father. Do you know what it is to run a country? How many head of countries is what you hear is what you get. There will never be another man like Li kwan You . You will never be a good MP. You are too critical opinionated think you know all and arguementive. Besides you are heartless.