Tuesday, August 09, 2016

National Day Thought

Thought of the Day

Today is National Day but I hardly find any other reason to celebrate or be happy about except for our country surviving 51 years of independence with materialistic progress.

There wasn't any great cultural achievement (well definitely can't brag about spending $800K on a Rubbish Bin!)) nor political progress in Human Rights or Democratic development to celebrate, or any social development which we could be greatly proud of. The only thing we could make consolation is the relative economic progress we had, which is tainted by the embarrassing fact that our elderly has to work either as cardboard collectors or just work to death.

The political scene in Singapore has regressed after PAP got the "strong mandate" of 70% last year and it has started to persecute dissidents by administrative harassment. It has also introduced new laws to further seal the lips of dissidents by setting out WORLD's WORST draconian Speech crime law against "contempt of court" which also include those who speaks ill of its police force's "investigation" or "harassment".

This is a BIG regression in Democratic development for Singaporeans but it seems that as a Nation and People, most of the citizenry don't really care or give a damn about it. They are more interested in how much GST rebates and handouts PAP government is going to give out each year and that's about it.

Persecution of dissidents via Speech crime is increasing but we as a Nation of 51 years did not even squeak about it.

A Nation's growth should be balanced with progress in the Four Pillars of National Development: Social, Political, Cultural and Economics. After 51 years of existence, we had only achieved a relative progress in economics but lagging behind in all other three aspects... or rather regressing in some, what is there to be really HAPPY about?

On the other hand, after decades of practicing elitism rather than true meritocracy, we are witnessing a whole lot of incompetence setting in not only in our elitist civil service but also in our crony capitalism of GLCs. But accountability, which is a vital part of meritocracy, has been thrown out of the window. Incompetency was instead rewarded generously with millions of bonuses or just another million dollar job without a brink.

Even when numerous lives were killed or affected by such incompetency, it is only worth a few warning letters! But yet, promotions were still given later just because these are some scholar elites....

The decay and rot of elitism is eminent when the disguise of Meritocracy has been blown over. However, nobody really cares. That's the main problem and illness with our Nation.

I could not wish Happiness to a sick patient with great illness but only wish it speedy recovery.

Wishing Our Nation Speedy Recovery from the Spell of Rotting Elitism with the decay of Incompetency in this 51 National Day.

Speedy Recovery Singapore.

Goh Meng Seng