Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Time For Battle

You Have A Choice!

The time has come for battle!

Someone asks me whether I am "excited" about it, I say no. There is nothing exciting about going to battle. Nervous? No as it is not a matter of life and death in fighting the electoral battle. Stressed? Maybe so, basically because we are fighting a battle with an opponent who will outnumber and outgun us.

Neverthless, I have to do what I have set to do, for my family, children and future generations. I do have a CHOICE of not doing it, just like many people and friends around me, minding my own business and keep quiet about things happening around us. But I have CHOSEN to face the reality with my heart, soul and actions. The reality of the pitfalls of a one party rule, the reality of the undesirable social moulding by the ruling party using public fundings to provide HDB upgradings SELECTIVELY. The reality of the environment of FEAR (and yes, even before the battle starts, some who have promised to be our assenters have back out already, due this very pervasive FEAR!).

For the country that have provided me the opportunity of good education and grooming, the very least I could do is to stand up to all these undesirable factors and say NO! For my family and my future generations, this is the very least I could do to fight for a better environment and future for them.

Before I sign off from this blog and stop my contributions for the next three weeks, I want to thank all of those who have given me your words of encouragement. I want to thank my friends from the internet forums who have decided to take a calculated risks to come forward to help out in whatever capacity they could offer. Without them, fighting this battle would be lonely and more difficult.

My best wishes to my readers and please remember, you do have the choice to decide for yourself and your future generations what kind of society you want them to live in!

Goh Meng Seng

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Comments without Ideas?

I was stunt by the recent announcement on political blogging. A Straits Time reporter called me up yesterday to have my views but only part of my response has been published today.

The following are some of the points made during the telephone interview:

1) Am I going to register my blog with MDA?

Ans: I will not do it on my own accord as it contradicts my belief of the rights of individual citizens to express his own political views. I will wait and see whether MDA makes a request for me to register, by then, I will come up with an appropriate response.

2) Did Dr. Balaji make good clarifications on political blogging?

Ans: No. He has not answered what constitutes political campaigning in specifics. The line is very vague as in determining what constitutes "promoting political ideas"; how could one discuss politics without a single political ideas or ideals in him? He must be speaking with his political ideas or convictions when he writes in his own blogs; does that considered as "promoting political ideas"?

3) Is your blog considered as "party" blog, with links to WP?

Ans: Mine is not the only blog that has links to WP. I ask him after reading my articles on my blog, did he feel that I am "promoting" WP as perse? He said no. Precisely. It is only a collection of my political views and ideas. But if I am going to be a candidate in the coming elections, my blog will be one avenue whereby voters could read about my political views to judge for themselves whether to vote for me or not....does that constitute "campaign advertising"? This is a big grey area.

4) Will I be updating my blog during election time?

Ans: No, basically I don't think I will have the time to do so. All cyber election campaigning will be done through WP election website.

I am quite amused by one of the so call "criteria" set by MDA. Bloggers "are allowed" (yeah, very paternalistic in nature, it is not your right but privilege to be allowed to do so!) to make comments on politics on blogs as long as you are not "promoting" any political ideas or political parties.

That really bugs me! How could one make any sensible comments on politics without an idea in him? Are we supposed to make comments without any ideas behind it?

Furthermore, a person could only have a set of ideas or ideals in him on various political stand. Thus, when he make any comments in the political arena, of course he will be "propagading" what he truly believes in! If he is not "consistent" in promoting his views, then what type of bloggers are your talking about?

It is really amusing in reading between the lines of such laws! Are we encouraging people to make sensible and consistent political views or just that we just want silly, no bainer comments? If we want to cultivate a more politically responsible and aware citizenry, such stupid laws should be abolished!

Goh Meng Seng