Monday, March 21, 2016

PPP Submitted Views on Elected Presidency

Submission to the Elected Presidency Review Committee

The People’s Power Party is submitting this feedback to the Constitution Committee which is tasked to review the Elected Presidency.

The People’s Power Party believes that the Elected Presidency could become an important pillar of a more effective Democratic system by playing the role of balancing power. We also believe in the Separation of Power as the effective checks and balances in building a sustainable democratic political system for Singapore.

Organizations to be put under Elected Presidency’s Charge

The Elected Presidency should act as the pillar of power in administrating the Power of Impeachment as a check to the Executive. It should also take charge on the Selection and Appointment of important key personnel to top civil service position as well as the Sovereign Wealth Funds like Government Investment Company and Temasek Holdings. We are proposing the following organizations or commissions to be put under the charge of Elected Presidency:

1)      Corruption Practice Investigation Bureau
2)      Ombudsman Commission (to be established)
3)      Equal Opportunity Commission (to be established)
4)      Elections Department
5)      Public Service Commission
6)      People’s Association
This will prevent the massive conflicts of interests which existed in the current system.

Formation of Council of Advisors to Presidency

On top of that, we believe in the proper democratic representation of the Council of Advisors if they are to be vested with more powers. The Council should consist 25 members whereby 5 of them are appointed by the Elected President while the rest of 20 members should be elected by Singaporeans. This could be done by a universal suffrage running concurrently with the Presidential Elections.

The Executive arm or the Cabinet or Parliament, should not have the power to appoint any members into the Council of Advisors.

Veto Power of Presidency

The President, with the endorsement of the Council of Advisors, should be empowered to VETO any important legislation which the Presidency regards as detrimental to the welfare and benefits of Singaporeans at large. Such Veto can only be overturn by a Two Third majority votes by the Parliament.

We believe that with these modified features, we will be able to build a more balanced, stable and sustainable political system for Singapore.

Goh Meng Seng
Secretary General
For CEC of People’s Power Party.

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