Monday, April 25, 2005

Looking for Punching Bags?

Recently, after the casino decision is made by PAP, we received letters, emails to urge us to stand for election in their constituencies so that they could exercise their votes against PAP.

This is a good sign yet a very depressing situation. This brings back memory of Today newspaper's interview with Mr. Low TK, in which he says, "We (opposition members) are all suckers, aren't we?"

It is a good sign in the sense that Singaporeans realize that it is the political front that will matter to PAP. It is a depressing situation because Singaporeans are merely treating opposition parties like "punching bags" that could provide them the avenue for them to vent their frustrations against PAP whenever they are angry at PAP.

For so many years, most Singaporeans are either apathetic or fearful about joining the fight to build up a good alternative political platform. They will only remember about opposition parties when they need one to vent their frustrations against PAP. They would neither contribute to the development of the alternative platform either by activism nor financial support. Sometimes, they would even degrade opposition politicians due to ignorance or propaganda effects of the media.

There are some improvement shown recently by some social activists in the sense that they are willing to help or be identified with opposition political parties or individuals. But this is still not enough. We need people to help us to provide a long term political educational process to the masses so that they would make a better balanced views of alternative politics.

Of course, we need people to work on the ground or even make themselves count in the electoral process by manning polling stations as polling agents or stand as candidates.

Singaporeans believe PAP's claims every elections that opposition members are only active on the ground when elections come. However they never realize that it is their total neglect of the alternative political process has in effect created such situation.

I sincerely hope Singaporeans could see what damage PAP has done to the political system of our Nation. The de-politicization of the Nation would have long term effects on our long term survival as a Nation. Imagine that a thirty something citizen came and complained that he has no chance to vote or participate in the electoral process for his whole life, what does that tell you? It means that he is being marginalized politically, de-politicized as a citizen and he would not have such a pride in being a citizen. He would lost his sense of citizenship in the process and eventually, no sense of belonging to this Nation, least sense of "ownership" of this Nation.

It is time to create this political awareness among our citizens that each actions carry a result. The apathy and neglect of our citizens would naturally result in the overall weakness of our political system.

Goh Meng Seng


jacob said...

Hi Meng Seng! :-))

Nice to see you blogging as well. Anyway, most of our countrymen/women are quite a depressing lot when it comes to helping out/taking part in opposition politics! :-)

By the way, my blog's OMEKA NA HURIA

Anonymous said...

I think that our most of our citizens in politics and if let say there is election, they vote PAP without lisiening to rallies as they are busy. The vote for PAP as they are not corruptive and see them as a clean party

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

I hear many complaints against the PAP, too many until it tires me at times.

Assuming what you have said is true, why are there complaints?

If you were to tell me that they are a minority, then you won't get my agreement.

Many people who believe the ruling party is good also want strong opposition. They may even vote for the PAP because of them being good although they want opposition.

However, if they think voting for the ruling PAP while simply hoping for a strong opposition will bring about a strong opposition, then I think they need to rethink.


Anonymous said...

They are too strict on the election as the opposition will at the most win a few seats or even none. I think we should have party rallies broadcast on TV so more people can see and knowing their decision which party to vote

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Tell that to the media ;)


ivan said...

i actually agree with you to a certain extent... perhaps i'll qualify it some time in the future.

till then, i very much agree that the opposition have an unenviable task.

anonymouso said...

i agree that most sinaporeans want change but they are too scared of being shot down to actively participate in the building of a strong opposition party. we seriously need a check on our pap govt and only an alternative party can bring abt the competition needed.

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