Sunday, March 20, 2016

Consistency, Transparency and Accountability in Governance

TAN TOCK SENG HOSPITAL sacked Roy just because they say he used hospital computer for his own blogging about CPF and social issues while at work.

But SGH and MOH only issue "warning letters" to 16 staffs after causing more than a couple of dozens patients infected with HEP C permanently for life and worse, death of 8 patients.

Do you see the logic or injustice?

This is a case of the lack of consistency and worse, a sense of proportion and common sense. What is worse, is the lack of transparency.

Ministry of Health is supposed to have an INDEPENDENT Inquiry but somehow, nobody has any idea what report has the committee  submitted and how the Ministry has arrived at these decisions of just issuing Warning Letters to the 16 staffs.

Most important of all, there is ABSOLUTELY SILENCE on the matter of compensation. It is only fair for the Ministry to compensate the infected patients adequately because Hep C Infections will have long lasting effects and not to mention, the families of the dead patients due to the infections, should be compensated as well.

It is only fair for the infected patients and families of the dead to have a full view of the report done by the Committee's findings so that they could take legal actions if there was none or inadequate compensations made.

This is a serious lapse of medical care and it also affects public health and interests in the long run. The matter should not be shredded in secrecy with a total lack of proper accountability, both by the staffs involved as well the Ministry of Health in terms of compensations.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

Except for LKYs days where he will tell whoever just the way it is whether you like it or not. Since than had any body heard or seen any government related agencies publicly admit even 1 per cent of wrongdoings. If they can make episodes not frilly no one can compute their wrongdoings for lawsuit. Every Tom, Lians and Tan Ah Huat from the ground will be able to sue once gates are open. The medical industry are facing challenging times. Its safer to beat around the bush and speak in a language only they can understand. Their reputation bypass everything else.

Anonymous said...

Maybe cannot open themselves to lawsuit. It will be a chain all the way up. Can cover why not ??

Anonymous said...

IVF-MIXED-UP. In the future, the judges, lawyers and the hospital responsible for the child's identity crises, may they face the same that their grandchild ,child or whoever not biologically their own family. Money will not take away this life pain.

Anonymous said...

High government spending deals could ‘pose risks to sustainable conditions’ in market:
From a black muther farkor.

Anonymous said...

If people are constantly falling off a cliff, you could place ambulances under the cliff or build a fence on the top of the cliff. We are placing all too many ambulances under the cliff.

Anonymous said...

Lots of talk but no substance or solving anything.

Anonymous said...

We find them all around us. Usually talk a great deal but extremely short in performance. Good deeds for the people to make lives better not just unload speeches.