Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Political 007 Musing

There are a lot of rumors going around about me since a decade ago. Almost all are malicious unscrupulous smearing aimed at defaming me. These rumors come from BOTH WHITE AND BLUE camps.

There are many funny ones, ranging from having mistresses to being " PAP moles". My wife is actually my best fan who cannot stop laughing when she read or heard all these rumours.

She was born in Hong Kong and studied in Singapore. She didn't quite like those Singapore boys she met during her study in Singapore because she has met with extraordinary situations while staying in hostel that made her concludes that Singaporeans in general, do not care about justice, social or criminal justice, liberty, freedom of expression and lack the courage to speak up and fight for their own rights.

Until she met me in NUS, she didn't have good impression of Singapore guys. I was the outlier and surprised find for her.

Thus, when anyone suggested that I am some undercover PAP mole, she either gets pretty amused or sometimes, extremely annoyed. I told her to relax, that's how dirty play politics is.

I am extremely fortunate to have my soul mate as my wife, which may not agree totally in what I do (making family sacrifices for Singapore, which she doesn't find wanting the change or the freedom and democracy which I envisioned) but nevertheless, given me the moral support throughout these years.

Anyway, the latest rumor which my adversaries are trying to spread in order to discredit me will really make her laugh. I could only reward her periodically with such silly jokes.

The rumor says that there are intelligence which indicates that I am living off the sponsorship of the American government! Hahaha.

If that is so, I won't be the only opposition party leader attacking the TPP agreement!

These basically Chinese Educated Blue supporters spread such rumor basically because I am pretty vocal about China's meddling in HK And South China sea.

But laughing matters aside, there are real interventions via sponsorship and support by foreign powers in Singapore's politics, not only the Americans, Europeans, Malaysia or even China government. If you are observant enough, you will see those subtle invisible hands around.

However, I am really a hard nut to crack and uncompromising in many ways. My wife will definitely laugh and tell me, "over your dead body lah!"

Goh Meng Seng

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