Thursday, May 21, 2015

Point by point Response to my Skeptics on PPP

My response I have put up on TRE

I thank you for all of your comments here. Most of your questions or concerns have been answered or covered in my video interview with TOC. Please wait for the release of the video for more detailed answers.

I am also writing a Chinese article on my blog, to put up the full perspective of my thoughts and political path I have chosen.

In short replies to all the criticism here, these are my main points:

1) I have plunged into opposition politics in 2001 because I felt the urgency to do so in view of the dangerous situation of the possibility of total wipe out of opposition back then. All other people like Sylvia Lim, Yaw Shin Leong, James Gomez,Lee Wai Leng etc all felt the same. There is nothing opportunistic about it.

2) We have the aim of breaking PAP's monopoly of power by first breaching the GRC fortress and secondly, depriving PAP two third majority.

3) I left WP because of the little mistake I made and also because I felt strongly that individual member should continue to learn to deal with new media effectively. Tilik has also left WP subsequently.

4) Nevertheless I have learned all the good practices from WP and subsequently, applied and experimented these in NSP with great success.

5) After GE2011, Hazel wanted to take over NSP SG post. Although I think it is really a bad idea but I finally agreed. In view of the overall good results of GE2011 for all opposition parties with WP achieving the First goal of breaching the GRC fortress, I believed opposition could achieve the second goal of one third seats pretty quickly. Thus, I decided to take a back seat and a sabbatical from frontline politics.

6) However, it was not long before WP got into a series of problems. These have inevitably shaken confidence of the middle ground voters in opposition.

7) NSP on the other hand, has also faced internal problems, resulting in the departure of Nicole Seah and Jeannette with some others. Many NSP members wanted me to go back to NSP initially but the mismanagement of the party has caused irreversible harm which I could not mend.

8) There are other parties inviting me to join. But I do not want to disrupt their management at this point of time.

9) I have decided to return to opposition politics because there is a real danger and possibility that a regression of the initial goals might just happened.

10) Rest be assured that I won't be contesting against WP in Aljunied. I am not someone who will rob the victims in the fire, even though I am intolerable of some of the things happening there.

11) On the other hand, in view of the Post-LKY era, it is an opportunity to initiate a full political discourse on whether the current system of concentration of power is sustainable or good for Singapore's stability in the long run.

12) We also need to rethink how Singapore should be governed differently, in a more balanced way.

13) Thus People's Power Party is created for a combination of reasons in need for the continue development of Singapore's democratic process.

Goh Meng Seng


Xmen said...

You are a politician. You should know that Singaporeans are adverse to current "disunity" among opposition parties. You just proved that there is no unity among opposition parties by starting another party. I would rather you join one of the bigger parties, SDP or SFP. Does it matter if you are in party "management" if you win in the upcoming election?

Opposition unity is an asset in Singapore politics today.

Admin said...

How can I ever prove there is no "opposition disunity" when WP has openly declared that they will walk their own path during the 4 corner fight during Punggol East By-elections?

You are really asking me to do the impossible.

I have explained very explicitly, joining a party is not an easy thing, suka suka one. Alignment of mindsets, ideals, ideas, philosophy etc, isn't that easy and I have gone through all that. Besides, this involves not only me alone, but a small group of people!

Joining a company as an employee is simpler. You are just there for the job. But it is not simple in politics.

Goh Meng Seng

Anonymous said...

Goh Meng Seng forming PPP is another piece of good news for PAP.

No wonder a ST survey has convincingly announced that the ground is sweet for the PAP and this may prompt the PAP to call an early election. Indeed they have grounds to conclude so!

Xmen said...

I disagree with your point on the differences in mindsets, ideals, ideas, philosophy etc. In the US, the Republican Party include people who are aligned with Tea Party, Libertarian, Religious, Moderate. Same for Democrats.

Having 10 parties dilute funding, resources and messages. Your new party is a regression in modern opposition politics. I hope you are listening to the electorate because they are the ones that matter. IMHO, I simply don't see how you can win outside of an established opposition party. There are 3 parties to choose from - WP, SDP, and SFP.

I appreciate you take the time to respond. But you need a positive survey result to support your action. Please reconsider.

Anonymous said...

Goh Meng Seng may not be the last to form a new political party, between now and the coming GE.

Hence I forecast more good news in the pipeline for PAP, between now and the coming GE.

With the 60% electorate and with Goh Meng Seng, among others, as opposition, Sinkies are simply wonderful. I mean for PAP lah, of course.

Anonymous said...

Admin said...

This is the latest blog post on anyhowhantum

Goh Meng Seng

Anonymous said...

A look at goh meng seng face and you know that he is a very selfish person. He cannot consider anything except for how great he is. he is a travesty of Lee kuam yew

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