Saturday, March 12, 2016

Securing the Secrecy of Your Votes

Mr. Syafarin Sarif (Left) and Mr. Augustine Lee (Right)

Officials Loading up the ballot boxes

It is important for political parties to ensure that the votes Singaporeans cast remain SECRET. Even though People's Power Party (PPP) has only contested one GRC with four candidates, we see it as an important responsibility for us to send our representatives to attend and witness the burning of the ballot boxes along with the ballots inside them.

The most important fundamental principle of Democracy is to have voters to vote according to their will, without Fear of any repercussions.

We have heard people spreading tales and rumors that their votes are not secret and PAP government knew who they voted for. Tales about Grassroot members harassing them because these people knew they voted for opposition or civil servants or employees of GLCs were treated badly because their votes were made known to their bosses... these tales and rumors are TOTALLY BASELESS and UNFOUNDED.

If anyone told you he or she knew who you voted during the General Elections, please report him or she to the police! This is because by acknowledging that they knew who you voted for, is amount to the breaching of Official Secret Act!

Nobody will know who you voted for if you do not tell them or hinted them in any way. 

PPP has sent two representatives, Mr. Syafarin Sarif and Mr. Zixu Augustin Lee to witness the destruction of the ballot boxes. This is an important step to make sure that all ballots or votes are secret and no one could check the records of your votes hereafter.

However, we are disappointed that candidates present are not allowed to examine or inspect the contents of the ballot boxes to make sure that everything inside is in order and nothing was taken out of the boxes or tempered with.

The excuse given by the officials was time constrain. This is unacceptable. It is important for such a step to be taken so to make sure and give confidence to ALL Singapore voters that their votes are really secret.

We hope that the Elections Department should review such procedures in future.

Goh Meng Seng

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