Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bukit Batok By-Elections

In response to Singapore Democratic Party's announcement of Dr. Chee's candidacy for the Bukit Batok by-elections, on behalf of my party People's Power Party has made the following statement:

It has been confirmed Dr Chee will be the SDP candidates of Bukit Batok by-elections.

People's Power Party does not see the need to contest in this by-elections since SDP has put up one of its BEST candidate forward for this by-elections.

We wish SDP and Dr Chee good luck and all the best for this coming by-elections.

 In addition to this, while responding to reporter from Sin Min newspaper, I have made the urge to other potential contenders, including potential independent candidates, to allow Dr. Chee to have a straight fight in this imminent Bukit Batok by-elections.

As I understand, the ground at Bukit Batok is not a sweet ground at all and since SDP has demonstrated its determination and resolves in doing its best to win the seat by putting up one of its best candidates to contest, I think it is only fair for us not to jeopardize SDP's chance of winning.

All the best to Democratic progress for Singapore.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

Majority of the populations priorities.

1) Jobs
2)Family over most things (irreplaceable)
3)Health ( no health no quality of life)
4)Ability to invest in our children's education at least to poly level)
6)Not living in a hostile society.

Only a handful of defective people protest on casinos and ministerial salaries and all those bo liow stuff,

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the best time for {YELLOW RIBBON} to endorse their advertisement on present and past election candidates?????. At the very least we will become a more subdued and tolerant society not only for the betterest, the betterer but also the better. We all cannot be the betterest!

Anonymous said...

Trusted & Track record for Mitsubishi and Volkswagen after how many years??

Anonymous said...

Punters were betting 50/50. The extra 11% from their own colour. 2 for 1 price. (same colour and from dominant party)

Anonymous said...

ESM Goh👉🏻 MM Lee👉🏻 Assistant MM Teo👉🏻 PM Yang👉🏻 Vice PM Sylvia👉🏻 Vice PM Kiang👉🏻

President W Ling👉🏻 Vice president Chee👉 and ministers famous Amos, Chiam ,and Govinsamy.