Sunday, March 06, 2016

How to Die for Our Contry?

When I was young, I was pretty dead serious in serving my country. I took my National Service very seriously and with every pride. I couldn't quite understand why some of my peers would "Keng" or skive, avoiding contributing their best.

But throughout the years, I realized the reasons. You will be "penalized" when you are too serious in serving NS. When you get yourself injured or hurt, the State won't really take care of you.

Thus throughout my years of reservist training, the only top priority in my mind is the safety of my man, nothing else matters more than their safe returns to their families, because I know the State will not take care of them if anything bad happened to them.

It is an irony. I have learned from history, the only way to ensure or motivate the soldiers to go all out and put in their best efforts in fighting and even willing to die for the State, is not only to make sure they will be well rewarded but also to give assurance that if anything happened to them, they or their families will be well taken care of.

But this is not how PAP government runs the conscripted army. Our boys are paid peanuts as ALLOWANCE when they are expected to give their best or even die for the country. But when they get hurt or die for their Singapore, the State will not take care of them or their families.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

After NS if guys do a 4 year HONOURS, the starting age for the workforce is 26 years old? Takes about minimum 3-6 years to safely accumulate savings and CPF for a house and marriage. In other countries one need not go through layers and layers of red tape just to rent a place of HDB . Private rentals are out of the question. There are only 2 types of housing in Singapore and one is HDB highly controlled only by the state which comes with endless rider on it.

Anonymous said...

Whoever came out and say that they put national interest first than self is telling one big fat lie. Only LKY and a few of his comrades and his son PM are qualified to say that in the name of GOD.