Monday, March 14, 2016

Does "Personal Indiscretions" matters in Politics?

Personal indiscretions may or may not be such an important issue politically.

It could be a purely personal matter if there is no conflict of interest involved. But most of the time, there will be conflicts of interests when it comes to political organization with powers which oversees public funds.

This is my stance made since the very first YSL saga and that's why I deemed it as important to investigate and clarify matters and related interests entangled within the relationship and to see whether public funds were allocated partly or wholly due to such illegitimate relationship.

There were a couple of high profile corruption cases which involved illegitimate relationship or extra-marital affairs in the past few years involving top civil servants with power of allocating contracts or funds to projects or purchases.

Thus, in my view, beside the legitimacy or morality of personal love affairs, there is still a dimension on whether such illegitimate live affairs which were hidden underneath affects good governance as in prevention of conflicts of interests and favoritism which constitute corrupt practices when public funds are involved.

Goh Meng Seng

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ǣ said...

Huh We are in not in stone age. When a person makes a mistake, seldom will one repeat it. He/She learns the bitter consequences. The ones who have never made mistakes in their lives are not be telling the truth.

The hepatitis C deaths close case. No admission no resignation. Hello we are talking about lost of LIVES.

Lets take our hats off to David , he admitted it and resign. He paid the price. No life lost or public sufferings, just confine to their respective families pain.