Friday, October 06, 2017

TOTD: Awakening from the HDB-Asset Enhancement Myth

Thought of the Day - Awakening from the HDB-Asset Enhancement Myth

Several friends asked me "What is Lawrence Wong trying to do?"

They are referring to why Lawrence Wong keeps reminding Singaporeans that your HDB flat will have ZERO value when the 99 Lease hold expires.

They are confused and full of anxiety.

I simply told them, this is nothing new, I have talked about it more than a decade ago!

Almost all of them now consider to sell off their HDB flats in anxiety. Then I ask, where are you going to live?

Some ask me is that the reason why I sold my own HDB flat back in 2010? I said, yes, partly so but most importantly, I need the cash for the General Elections. I have no regrets.

Then they ask me, why didn't my relatives or the flat my mother owns in Ang Mo Kio sold? Here again, I said, where can they live if they sell their HDB flats?

The key difference here is that, my parents bought their flat in Ang Mo Kio, way before this nonsensical "Asset Enhancement Scheme" came about in late 1980s throughout 1990s, Goh Chok Tong's time. They bought it cheap. There is no anxiety of having a "costly HDB flat" turned into worthless ashes in the end.

Unfortunately, many people were caught by that TOTALLY MISLEADING Koyok of "Asset Enhancement Scheme" which was the Theme of PAP back in 1990s till 2000s that kept them in total monopoly of power. A few generations of Singaporeans have been misled into believe in such nonsense. Even up till GE 2011, PAP's MBT still tried to sing song about Asset Enhancement Scheme for "Monetizing HDB Flat" for retirement financing.

Well, lucky for MBT and PAP, he didn't dare to take up my challenge of OPEN LIVE DEBATE over his HDB-Asset Enhancement Scheme Policy, else he will be knocked out and black out totally. But their lucky is Singaporeans' misfortune. Most Singaporeans are still submerged in such devious myth of HDB Asset Enhancement Scheme for another 6 years, until Lawrence Wong broke the truth.

Lawrence Wong is simply telling the Truth, nothing but the Truth. Your HDB flat will become Zero Value when the 99 year lease expires. Why is he talking about this NOW?

This is because PAP government is not going to carry out SERS Enblock for most of the HDB flats, which is the only way to save you from the eventuality of Zero Value, because it is not profitable for PAP government to do it. They are just mentally preparing the massive Singaporeans living in HDB flats that they should not expect much from their HDB flats at the end of the 99 lease. They should be prepared to live with their whole life's saving in CPF being wiped off when the lease is nearing expiration.

The PAP government, if they still exist by then, will not renew your HDB lease at all.

Singaporeans should wake up from this TWO DECADES Myth about HDB-Asset Enhancement Scheme. This is especially so for the younger generations, those who are thinking of paying extraordinary high prices for their BTO or HDB resale flats.

I was amused and worried for those people who are forking out near to a Million dollars for a resale flat in some Prime location. You have to know that even if your HDB flat is located at Prime district or location, IT WILL DEPRECIATE eventually and BECOME ZERO in value when the lease expires.

Your HDB flat will start to depreciate when it reaches 40 year old. No banks will make normal loan when it passes 50 years old. When it reaches 70 years old, basically no bank will provide loan to  any buyer at all, regardless of where the flat is situated.

This is something PAP has been hiding from you while they were singing and praising themselves about HDB-Asset Enhancement Scheme as a political tool of Pork-Barrel politicking!  I would say that over 80% of all old HDB flats will not be Enblock. You just cannot "enhance" your HDB value when the eventuality of ZERO Value is definite!

The faster and earlier Singaporeans realize this FACT and TRUTH, the better it is for them. Else, you will end up destroying your own retirement financing plan.

I have not come to the CPF-HDB financing part yet.... that's for another article another day.

Goh Meng Seng