Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What You are Voting For!

When you vote for a candidate or a team of candidates, you are not just voting for some "estate managers" which PAP would like you to think so. This is because PAP wants you to think SELFISH, think of SELF INTERESTS first rather than the BIGGER PICTURE.

You are voting for an MP or a group of MPs who are legislators. These people are going to make laws, scrutinize the laws which the ruling party and government are making which will affect EVERYBODY living on this island. Sometimes, even affect Singaporeans living overseas! (eg. Medishield Life)

You are voting for MPs who will shape what yours and your children's future. You will be voting MPs who will make sure that your jobs are not compromised, healthcare is taken care of, retirement is secured, housing is affordable....etc.

If you continue to vote for the same bunch of PAP MPs, you will continue to suffer job insecurity due to PAP's FT policy, Healthcare compromised due to bad planning which causes shortage of hospital beds, inadequate and illogical Medical coverage for your future and your CPF money will no longer be yours only but subject to "death tax" if you died early due to CPF Life, you may not even see your CPF money before you die! Your children will suffer unaffordable housing and they will not have job security to think about having more children.... You may face increase in GST and squeezed off in this tiny island if PAP has its way to go for 6.9million or even 10 million with the talk of "living in underground city"!

Think carefully before you vote. It is not just about your estate management. It is YOUR Future and My Future you are voting for!

Vote For Change!
Vote for Your and My Future!

Goh Meng Seng

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