Sunday, August 09, 2015

Campaign Trail @ CCK - Hospital Beds & Medical Tourism

I have met an elderly PAP supporter today at CCK. He questioned me why should he vote for me and what I have done to convince him to support me (in contrast to PAP ).

He sounded quite hostile initially but I kept my patience.

I told him at his age, he must be very fortunate to have such a good health, unlike my own mother who was warded three times in hospital during the past three years. Each and every time she was told to wait for 36 hours for a bed.

This elderly man retorted that no bed of course need to wait lah! "Are you VIP or what? "

I wanted to retort back that of course I am not some PAP MP or Minister or like LKY lah! But I kept that to myself.

I told him that people are made to wait for so long because there is a shortage of hospital facilities due to bad planning and the over population problem caused by PAP.

On top of that, even when public hospitals are having problem of Shortage of beds, they are engaged in medical tourism to make money!

I told him that if these are private hospitals, I don't really care but these are PUBLIC HOSPITALS which are supposed to serve our people first! I asked him, do you think this is good?

He said in a soften voice Is that so? If it is so, of course bad lah!
I told him don't just believe me because I said this to him. Go and find out yourself whether this is true or not.

And who is the Minister of Health? His MP Gan Kim Yong.

Of course I have told him that I have contested against MBT in Tampines on the topic of HDB and that is why he is no longer Minister for MND.

A healthy Conversation with hardcore PAP supporter to make them rethink what they are voting for.

Goh Meng Seng

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