Monday, August 10, 2015

Campaign Trail - National Day 2015

Campaign Trail - National Day

Today is National Day and there was a big celebration carried out in a huge tentage near the CCK MRT station. There was a sea of red with happy families and children but there was a small contingent of "WHITEs" among the reds. Obviously, they are from PAP.

Those participants were given some goody bags and stuffs like that but we were glad that some of them are willing to stop and talk to us openly. At least they were open to discussion and friendly talk!

Well, sure enough, PAP MP Zaqy led a group of PAP members wearing White to our site to give out National flags to passers by. He has done so on Saturday with a few grassroot leaders wearing civilian clothing. We exchanged our friendly greetings and move on to do our own campaigning.

We were persistent in our effort on handling out our flyers, despite of the numerous "spies" sent to monitor us. Of course there are some annoying interruptions due to some politicking but that doesn't really matter to us. We are pretty used to such tactic.

We met our supporter Timothy who stays in CCK. He was there to chat with us and give us moral support. He drew a diagram which represents his perspective of what he understands from our party message. It is quite interesting and we may use that diagram!

We met a group of "beer uncles" in one of the coffeeshop. They are presumably opposition sympathizers. However the most common question still pops up: What can you give me if I vote for you?

To me, this is the MOST AGITATING question. I told them straight, one of the main reason which made me went into opposition politics was the Pork Barrel politics practiced by PAP during 1997 GE @ Cheng San. PAP under Goh Chok Tong has used the HDB upgrading as the carrot and stick to lure and threaten the voters. Hey, we are human, we are not donkeys!

I told them that PAP's such tactic is extremely bad example for our children and future generations. They are basically showing our children that EVERYTHING can be bought over! Do I want my children to live and grow up under such bad influence? This is the reason that I decided to step into politics to get it right.

I told the beer uncles that I will take care of the people with all reasonable means but I am against making such blatant "vote buying" promises.

Most people will be offended when I made such reasoning but surprisingly, these beer uncles seems to agree with me that we should not just promise anything so easily! Eventually some of them ask me to give them our nice looking party uniform so that they an wear it while walking around the neighbourhood so that they can help us to promote our party!

Goh Meng Seng

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