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Campaign Trail - 10 Aug 2015

Campaign Trail - 10 Aug 2015

We did a low profile outreach to the "far outpost" of CCK GRC at Nanyang which has common boundaries with Pioneer, Hong Kah SMCs as well as West Coast GRC.

This part of CCK is pretty tricky as it has several shared community amenities with other surrounding wards. It makes campaigning very  tricky as there will be overlapping interests.

Anyway, we met a couple of groups of retired uncles having coffee and they were pretty angry about the No-alcohol rule after 10pm as well as CPF minimum sum. The anger is real and I guess these will become some issues which must be addressed during the coming GE.

When we were about to end the outreach, suddenly a Malay lady called out "Mr Goh!". I didn't recognize the lady but she was very happy to see me. She was with her daughter and son-in-law. Her daughter happened to be our helper at Tampines in 2011 as counting agent!

This Malay lady told me that she has learned about the "bad" of HDB while attending my rally at Tampines! She said that she didn't know about the problem of HDB until she learned about it during my rally back then.

I realize that it is important to have rallies not only for the rah rah and political rhetoric but most importantly, political rallies can be an important avenues to better inform voters and Singaporeans about the Real problems of policies and how such flaws are affecting us as a whole.

I told her that I am glad she has learned something about such important policy such as HDB from my past rally. I told her that I am going to talk about our Healthcare policies and Medishield Life in the coming General Elections and hope that she could attend even though she isn't my voter in CCK.

I met my friend after my outreach today and he was very concerned why I am continuing to do all these things which have wasted much of my time, effort and resources for the past 15 years. I told him about the Malay lady's little happy learning from my rally and I said, it is really all worthwhile, even though if it means that I have to sell off my HDB flat just to do this.

Most important, Lim Peh Happy!

However, I hope that Singaporeans should also try to share our burden of carrying on this fight and providing such political exercise which will help to increase political awareness of our citizens. I hope you guys and gals out there will donate generously to our cause and help us sustain this political movement.

We should not take the existence of good opposition for granted and we need to do our part to sustain it and make sure good people are sent into parliament from the opposition. I will do my part to persuade good people to fight the good cause but I hope others would help us to sustain our effort.

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