Thursday, August 27, 2015

United We Fight

PAP is really fearful of OPPOSITION UNITY and they have taken unprecedented rule to ban opposition leaders to speak on each other parties' rallies!

I remembered JBJ and Chiam See Tong had stood on the SAME RALLY stage to give speeches!

Why would we, Opposition leaders be BANNED from speaking on any other parties' rallies just because we are opposition party members? Why are our RIGHTS to Freedom of speech be ROBBED away just like that, citing some excuses?

We will challenge PAP to state clearly the rationale of such new rules!

I have told all opposition leaders that I am prepared to speak at any party's rallies as long as they invite me to and it doesn't clash with my own rallies.

In fact someone in the Unity Meeting has suggested that we put up a combined list of Speakers so that we can speak on each other rallies!

It seems that PAP is extremely FEARFUL of OPPOSITION UNITY. The more they are fearful, the more we should stick together and stay UNITED!

Goh Meng Seng

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Final poll before GE 2015.