Monday, August 17, 2015

Healthcare AFFORDABLE?

The last time when I brought up the issue of HDB prices, Mah Bow Tan also sing the tune that HDB is "Affordable" but is it really so?

As long as you have Restructured Hospitals which aim is not just cost recovery but also profit making, there is no guarantee that medishield life or pioneer package can help to lower actual payment by Singaporeans via cash or their medisave.

The truth is, once Pioneer Package is given out, even Government polyclinics have raised prices immediately! It is just a matter of left pocket in right pocket out and eventually in the long term, we will have a runaway medical cost.

The truth is, If we look and compare carefully of some of the charges included in polyclinics or restructured hospitals, initial prices were inflated so much so that they were more Expensive than private clinics and hospitals! Eg. Polyclinics consultation fees can be very much higher than private clinics before subsidies!

Such tactic is used to hoodwink Singaporeans to believe that PAP Government has given us hefty subsidies but in actual fact, such figures are grossly inflated.

Goh Meng Seng

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