Sunday, January 04, 2009

Stepping down from NSP CEC

I have finally submitted my resignation from NSP CEC and the party leadership has accepted my departure.

I have been too busy with many other things that I feel that I no longer could contribute effectively to the party any more. I do not believe in holding to positions within any organization that I could no longer contribute effectively.

It has been an exciting year of engagement in NSP CEC and we did make quite a number of changes to the party's framework together as a team. There are still challenges ahead for the party to move on to a higher level of transformation but unfortunately, I will not be able to continue to contribute to the next phase of development for the party.

My departure from the NSP CEC will also allow me to focus more effectively on my other social-political activism without having to put due consideration to the party's positions at many times, in fear of compromising the party's official stand.

It has been a fruitful participation in NSP CEC and I want to wish them all the best in the coming months and years ahead.

Goh Meng Seng


Vincent Sear said...

What are your "other social-political activism" that's "in fear of compromising the party's official stand"?

Anonymous said...