Monday, February 08, 2010

NSP Press Release on New 13th CEC

National Solidarity Party New 13th Central Executive Council

1.The National Solidarity Party has elected a new Central Executive Council (CEC).

2.The appointments for the 13th CEC are as follows:

President Mr. Sebastian Teo Kway Huang (张培源)
Vice-President Mr. Christopher Neo (梁廷玮)
Secretary General Mr. Goh Meng Seng (吴明盛)
Assistant Secretary General Mr. Fong Chin Leong (冯展良)
Treasurer Mr. Steve Chia Kiah Hong (谢镜丰)
Assistant Treasurer Mr. Yip Yew Weng (叶耀荣)
Organising Secretary Mr. Ivan Yeo (杨忠文)
Assistant Organising Secretary Mr. William Tan (陈炳瑞)
Webmaster Mr. Elvin Ong (翁明顺)
Council Member Mr. Tan Chee Kien (陈志坚)
Council Member Mr. Yadzeth Bin Hairis (雅释)
Council Member Mr. Raymond Chua Kee Ann (蔡启安)
Council Member Mr. Ong Hock Siong (王福祥)
Council Member Mr. Cheo Chye Chen (蒋才正)
Council Member Mr. Ken Sunn (孙祥凯)
Council Member Ms. Lee Wai Leng (李蕙玲)
Council Member Mr. Abdul Rasheed (阿都拉昔)

3.In preparation for the next General Elections, the 13th Council has decided to appoint the following members to be the Election Campaign Manager and Chairman of the newly created area branches:

GE Campaign Manager Mr. Tan Chee Kien (陈志坚)
Chairman of North East Branch Mr. Goh Meng Seng (吴明盛)
Chairman of Central South Branch Mr. Ken Sun (孙祥凯)
Chairman of South West Branch Mr. Christopher Neo (梁廷玮)

Goh Meng Seng
Secretary General
National Solidarity Party


Abao said...

Congradulations and hope to see more from you ^^

Also Happy CNY in advance!

cy said...

Hi Mr Goh,

From what i see,there is only 2 minority candidates in your CEC. Does NSP have enough minority candidates to contest 3 GRCs judging from the subdivision of campaign districts.

Is Ken Sun leading a team to jalan Besar (my GRC)?

Lastly, congrats to your "promotion" to sec-gen, best wishes to your campaign fight.

paul said...