Monday, February 01, 2010

Leave no man behind? - Homeless Campers, The Inconvenient Truth

Prime Minister Lee has used this phrase "Leave no man behind" in one of his speeches. He has made the promise that no Singaporean will be left behind in the midst of widening of income distribution and widespread retrenchment.

However, the story told by The Online Citizens seems to suggest otherwise.

When are fellow citizens lost their jobs or have drastic income cut due to any reasons, they were totally left in the wilderness, in the parks and beaches. I have the opportunity to join TOC and some activists to visit these "Homeless Campers" and it hurts me to see how our fellow citizens are being ill treated in such a disgusted way.

Due to the absurdity of the HDB housing policy, many of these campers were unable to rent any flats from HDB or that they were asked to wait for 30 months or more. They could no longer afford their HDB flats for one reason or another and were forced out of their flats.

I could not understand why HDB could readily convert two whole blocks of flats into dormitory for foreign workers who are working in the casino resorts but they were unable to rent any flats to these people whom they know are the genuine cases of hardship. This will be one of the many reasons that will keep me going to contest against the Minister of National Development.

Our PAP leaders have repeated prided themselves with the self-made belief that "There is no Homeless in Singapore" but such INCONVENIENT TRUTH revealed by TOC must have hurt their pride so badly that they would rather send their army of civil servants to harass these Homeless Campers instead of offering genuine help!

I would now call upon the ministers of these relevant authorities to search their soul deeply on what they really believe in. Minister Khaw has said it right, they must do the right things instead of just trying to do things right.

I would also make an open plead to the Prime Minister himself, to get these people to work towards his very own vision of "Leave no one behind". It should be done with more respect to human dignity and decency instead of administrative brutality.

Goh Meng Seng


sgcynic said...

When our men from MCYS and men-in-blue make the sweep at Sembawang Park, they certainly left no one behind.

MM SZ said...

Linked under 'Housing'.

Anonymous said...

That's why we must all vote wisely. Do not sell your vote! 千万,千万,不要把你们的票给卖出去!Singapore is for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

it is high time, lesser mortals leave PM Lee and his PAP stooges behind with the votes.

it is also high time MM leaves PM Lee behind by going to his grave.