Friday, February 20, 2009

Politics 101 for the Coming General Elections

The following is written by a forumer with the moniker "Scroobal":

Some basics.

For the Voters

1) Make sure your name is on the electroral Roll

2) Know what the objective or focus is - to express your sentiments on how the PAP fared as a ruling govt and to provide a set of results that tells the next govt of the day, what needs to be done.

Democracy unfortunately was meant for an informed, mature and educated society. Do not be simple minded and think that it a straight forward business of picking the best candidate in your constituency based on meritocracy . The question is how much of power and control do you want to give a political party. Do you put all your eggs in one basket for your savings? Are you looking for balance, accountability and variety of voices in parliament. Do you see the big picture?

If you are in hospital fighting for your life and you have the world's best nurse attending to you but the worst set of medical standards including incompetent doctors, unreliable power supply to operatings theatre etc, do you change hospital or are you happy to be there because of the nurse assigned is first class.

Simple maths on nomination day will tell you that the majority of the seats would have been taken by the PAP to form govt, so go ahead and seek variety and try an attempt to force the PAP to be responsive.

For the Helpers

If you are keen to see at a minimum a 2 party parlimentary democracy, get in touch with your your favourite to give a contact name, number or just your nick. A lot of work has to be done, logistics is huge. They will be grateful for any form of help, your hands, legs, car, lorry, your campaigning prowess, taking photos at rallies, blogging their cause, status report. Don't wait till until its too late.

Do not be upset, if they do not share their plans with you. Secrecy, confidentiality and suprises are important. If you come across something juicy, keep it to your self. Make sure you got leave reserved unless you already unemployed.

For Political Parties ( besides party work)

1) Appoint your logistics and contact person to start a register of helpers. List contact in website. You know the rules - no need for real names if they are not prepared to release.

2) Start tapping friends, families and ex-school mates.

3) Get your websites current, relevant and punchy.

4) Remember the manifesto must be practical and relate to society and the voters and has nothing to do with your ideals in a perfect world or a desire to reach nirvana. Motherhood statements are only good for the dustbin.

5) Appoint a cheermaster to coordinate via the web on rally sites, directional help, parking availability, live feed, agenda etc. Lets not dream that SPH and CNA are going to do the job.

For Potential Candidates

1) If you think you want to be candidate and you are new, give a call to your friendly opposition political identity. I am sure GMS and company are ready to help even though you might not want to join their party. Make sure you got the deposit, get your forms right and start working the ground early with flyers and mail-outs. Gather a few friends to help out.

2) If are you not keen to join any existing party, nevertheless get in touch with a political identity or a party early and express your interest and the constituency that you favour. So that they can tell you what turfs are available to avoid 3 cornered fights etc. and not waste your time doing groundwork in the wrong area.

3) Gather friends, army mates, school mates. Your best bet is to reach out to your age or peer group to provide support and help.

4) Nothing in law, in practice or in convention requires you to be scholar, a successful doctor, lawyer etc. If you have a good mind, a passion and sincerity to help society and an achiever, you are in the zone. Would love to see a couple of ex-school or university mates getting together and contesting in a GRC.

Remember if George Bush can be President, you are more than qualified.


Ptader said...

I sincerely urge all readers to take what is written by this fraudster Scroobal with a pinch of salt.

Old SBF forumers would have known this two-faced snake is a PAP agent sent by its masters to stir up unrest in cyberspace.

He famously announced to the world that he had insider info that Gecko had passed away which turned out to be a complete lie.

He put up the facade of being an opposition supporter while he goes around taking cheap pot shots at SDP.

If you come across anyone with this moniker "Scroobal" in the forums, just ignore him.

JD said...

Thot GMS was along with Scroobal in your hitlist because they're everything but pro (your )SDP? In that case why are you visiting GMS blog??

SDP will be a dictator like PAP because like PAP it believes it is the only party that is right and like PAP it is opposed to every other party in Spore esp WP.

That's the REAL thing I urge readers to look out for.