Saturday, February 25, 2017

TOTD: PAP's Poison to the Sick Economy

Thought of the Day - PAP's Poison to the Sick Economy

I didn't comment much about the current budget debate now but I look on with much nauseating disbelief with what PAP is doing right now.

It actually reminds me of what happened in 1981 and 1984, when the economic downturn and crisis was imminent but PAP government back then continued to increase cost to the people and businesses. It did cost PAP two seats in parliament but apparently that wasn't bad enough for PAP to learn its lesson.

Most importantly, the economy dipped much worse than expected due to PAP's totally senseless economic policies melted out through its yearly budgets.

70% of Singaporeans have to take responsibility for the current senseless doings of PAP government. They had given PAP such a strong mandate that PAP literally has the total blank cheque to sign on.

We are going to face a serious structural economic downturn in the coming months but what did PAP do? It just adds on the burden of Singaporeans and businesses by raising various costs. Water, as the most basic necessity for human beings, is slated to raise 30% within two years! But PAP's MPs and Ministers, with totally naive and sometimes, idiotic senseless humor, expects Singaporeans' pay to increase in such economic difficult situation while goods and services should not increase in prices!

The water pricing, along with electricity tariff, are the two basic fundamentals for both human beings and businesses. It would be totally naive to believe PAP's rhetoric that each household only pay $18 more on average for water when other goods and services, especially food and beverages, will increase in prices as well!

Right from 2015 "PAP VICTORIOUS 70% mandate", PAP had increased almost everything possible. Mark my word, GST would be the next golden goose they will aim at.

Singapore has already one of the most expensive water pricing in the world while its raw water cost from JB is kept fixed at such a low level. Hong Kong which bought raw water from China, had paid a higher price as compared to Singapore but in the end, Singapore's portable treated water price is more than 5 times more expensive than Hong Kong! Hong Kong is definitely not a "low cost" city but why did Singapore's water price so much higher? There are many reasons but I shall not deal with it here. In fact, the real cost of raw water from JB which Singapore bought, had DECREASED due to depreciated Malaysian Ringgit! Basically, Singapore has allowed cost to escalate without much control.

The introduction of Carbon tax at this instance, will add oil to the fire we have. Not only electricity tariff will go up but all cost will shoot up in no time!

Most people have realized PAP's CFE report is nothing but just old wine in new bottle. These are not some magic pills to address our current and future economic development. But the current acts of PAP increasing so much costs to livelihood in Singapore, is definitely a poison to our ailing economy, which our dear PM refused to acknowledge its sick status.

It is a common knowledge that PAP will want to increase prices and milk Singaporeans for whatever they can milk at the mid term of their 5 year rule so that Singaporeans could slowly forget such pain by the time when elections come in another 2 or 3 years time. They will throw goodies and candies just before the next GE just to appease all voters. They thought the current "bitter pills" would be OK for Singaporeans to swallow but they are wrong. These are really POISON they are feeding Singaporeans, without any good sense of judgement of the current economic situation!

The current Finance Minister, who had just recovered from his "stroke", may not be thinking proper. It is unbelievable for him to come up with such poisons for Singapore at this stage. Finance Minister Heng Swee Kiat should resign if his proposed massive increment in prices, indirect taxes and cost burden to Singaporeans and business finally killed us in the upcoming economic storm.

On top of that, PM Lee should also take assumed responsibility for allowing such bad budget to be passed in parliament.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

Real growth is new money coming into the country -tourist spending is one of them. The small growth we are having now are only domestic. Those in charge are not connecting well with the grimness which the country had been experiencing some years now. Lo and behold we seriously need new blood . People with feelings for the 80% HDB dwellers who depended on double incomes to get by. The youths struggle to qualify for continued schooling and relationship problems. Single parents and dysfunctional families who faces emotionally and mentally hardships. More young people are hooked to drugs. How did this poison enter a supposedly drug-free country. What happened to the once safe country? Dangers are lurking everywhere-shopping centres, trees , lifts , fires , falling windows, lonely sick old people whose children literally have no time for them due to constraints on time and money. All these do not sound right to them ?

All these facking leaders are only interested in going in a wild goose chase striking the super 'em over indulgence on infrastructures.

They have lost their sole focus.

ENOUGH said...

People have better things to do with their precious & valuable time than listening to them spinning lots of crab tactics.


Anonymous said...

*What is LIFE*?
To understand life better, you have to go to 3 locations :

1. Hospital
2. Prison
3. Cemetery

🏥 At the Hospital, you will understand that nothing is more beautiful than HEALTH.

🔐 In the Prison, you'll see that FREEDOM is the most precious thing.

💐 At the Cemetery, you will realize that life is worth nothing. The ground that we walk today will be our roof tomorrow.

*Sad Truth* : We all come with *nothing* and we will go with *nothing* ... Let us, therefore, remain humble and be thankful & grateful at all times for everything.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Loopholes, why you so one directional ?

Only you can loophole the people ,

But the people have no way to loophole you.

You are so so funny.

Anonymous said...

No abundance of new ideas.

These money-grabbing loopholes should be plugged ?

The freakin SSD do not equipped sellers selling losses at millions of dollars.(Still need to pay before 4 years.)

Treated with the same type of customer care for unfolding a grain of salt sanction so a little movement could generate more funds.(BSD,SSD, ABSD all the TAXES ,STAMP DUTY........................endless.) If some is willing to ignore the letting go of ABSD..when not many can pass the deposit and the tedious complex TDSR on 2nd property ,we are just pieces on a chess board, they are the players.

Some hard earned a few hundred dollars monthly.
Some earned a few thousand.
Some earned a few million.( by just shifting $ numbers and re-tweaking loophole policies to generate more funds.) Please cover loopholes!

There was no buzz created that more young's are staying and working abroad due to work opportunists, lower cost of living and avoiding an overly-controlling state.

Anonymous said...

Singapura No 1 was born in a political family and he is still learning . Today those packages who were airlifted in, do and talked like they not only know many things but everything :(

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Anonymous said...

Economic landscape in our country's forecasts vary. Are we out of the downturn? Another store

brand GAP shutting here next year? Wise stewardship.

Anonymous said...

GST & TAXES are financed by people's income, which is dependent on GDP growth.
“If GST & TAXES increase faster than nominal GDP growth on a sustained basis, public would end up taking on more leverage than they can reasonably repay out of their incomes,”

Good reasoning why GST & TAXES hike will not be happening.

Anonymous said...

[SINGAPORE - Two teenagers were arrested for allegedly breaking into a Tampines coffee shop and making away with $400 in cash.
The police said in a statement on Monday night (April 9) that the two teenagers, aged 16 and 17, were suspects in a case of housebreaking and theft by night at a coffee shop in Tampines Street 11.
They had received a report last Saturday at about 11am that a coffee shop had been broken into and $400 cash was missing.]

Our dear comrades. This was not an isolated case. This is one prove that this island is heading for misfortune.