Friday, April 15, 2016

PAP's Abuse of Power & National Resources: People's Association IS PAP's Political Tool

Picture Credit: Sin Rak Sin

Let's make it clear once and for all. PAP government set up People's Association for its POLITICAL PURPOSES.

If you go back to history, it was clear that PAP government, after marginalizing its leftist leaders like Lim Chin Siong (who were all detained under ISA), decided that they should strengthen their grassroot outreach (by the English Elites of the PAP) via their own grassroot platform. Thus, People's Association was formed to combat the leftist and/or "communist" grassroot system (they have their own "communication/community centres or points" within each district and village).

This was the first major step of the English Elites of PAP led by the man who cannot be named, made with the aim of cutting down their reliance on their Chinese Elites/leftist faction within their party to mobilize the grassroot voters.

From Wikipedia:

"According to the Central Intelligence Agency of the US government, the People's Association had its origins as a national building programme 'designed to wean pro-Communist voters away from the opposition'. Besides serving as a communication channel between the government and ruling party at the top and the people below - making way for a more responsive government - it was also intended for the PA to blur the boundaries between the government and the party, such that 'the people tended to praise the party for activities undertaken by the government'.[5]"

From the Singapore National Library electronic resources:

" The People’s Association (PA) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) that was established on 1 July 1960 through the People’s Association Ordinance.[1] [2] Officially, the PA was formed to achieve two objectives: first, to develop patriotic youth leaders who would serve the community; and second, to create a common national identity through organising and promoting community involvement in social, cultural, educational and sporting activities.[3]

Politically, the PA was created to help the People’s Action Party government develop and maintain links with the people at the grassroots level through centralised control over the community centres.[4] [5] Initially, activities organised in such centres were meant to compete with those run by left-wing unions and associations for grassroots support.[6]" 

It was the most important political move the English Elites had made which anticipated or led to the eventual break-off of the leftist faction from PAP.

There is no single doubt that PA was and still is PAP's major political tool utilized to prolong its hold on power. The plain fact is that its management board is filled with PAP ministers, PAP cadre members, current and former MPs, under the leadership of the Prime Minister himself.

This is a gross abuse of power and National resources to serve PAP's own political agenda and needs. Nobody in Singapore would believe that all the grassroot organizations under PA are not related or work for PAP's political agenda.

I have volunteered in my own CCC before when I was young and I was immediately passed a form to join PAP's youth wing when I progressed to lead a small interest group within the CCC. I didn't join, of course. And I have seen with my own eyes that CCC personnel have been mobilized to help out PAP's campaign during GE! Resources have been deployed for PAP's electioneering and I wonder why PAP still have the cheek to deny such "politicization" of PA which nobody in Singapore whom understand the workings would believe!

Don't be shy, PAP. You have been abusing your power and the Nation's resources for your political benefits for more than 5 decades. Every true blue Singaporeans know that. It would be too thick skin and shameless to say otherwise.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

"Don't be shy, PAP. You have been abusing your power and the Nation's resources for your political benefits for more than 5 decades."
Goh Meng Seng

Even if above is true but haven't you heard the saying "Membership has its privileges"?

So start working hard to being the head or member of the ruling elite.

Anonymous said...

It would be a great favor if Mr. Goh would contribute more uplifting articles? People are feeling forlorn due to poor policy choices where family members are being retrenched left, right and center. When stomachs are empty we cannot eat the best infrastructure, the cleanest city or our fully paid homes. Weak productivity & growth have hampered and hold down wages. The value of the dollar compared to yesteryears have been going down. Depressed consumer spending is at gridlock and all around its like people are living in a straightjacket. People used to say that if the opposition were to be in power, foreign investments would be wary of our country and all our assets value would drop. Mr. Goh please post some powerful remedy. Some of your postings are becoming a little lethargic.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the best time for {YELLOW RIBBON} to endorse their advertisement on present and past election candidates?????. At the very least we will become a more subdued and tolerant society not only for the betterest, the betterer but also the better. We all cannot be the betterest!

Anonymous said...

TDSR was introduced so that families would NOT BE OVERSTRETCHED. It proved that some people were trying to act smart but OUTSMART THEMSELVES with the measures.

Bought before cooling measures were introduced.
Mortgage used to be $5,500( $3,500 principle and $1,500 interest)

Due to TDSR not able to refinance after promotion rates expired .
Paying mortgage for the last 2 years ($6,800 monthly. $3,200 principle and $3,600 interest ) Only one owner occupied property.

The GOSPEL CONTRADICTION that they are not even ashamed that families are overstretched, with their only the overly- smart are able to engineer such cruel twist.

koh said...


The TDSR is a nuclear bomb. It do not discriminate against Speculators nor the inocent retirees, many whom are still financing their multi tired family, using their only home as a necessacity for Financial security.

Yes make the speculators pay, but do not just look at the Big Statistical numbers. Any collateral damage to the lives of even one innocent Singaporean individual or family is too much.

Leaving it to the FI to interpret this is like leaving the lambs to seek the wolfs help.


Pok Kai said...

Just for laugh...
A group of elderly, Hokkien folks signed up for a SkillsFuture course on Basic English.
On the first day, they learnt that a young male ranch hand is called a cowboy. They also learnt that the female version is called a cowgirl.
The teacher asked the class, What do you call their parents?
Their answers - cowpeh & cowboo