Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Political Dynasty or Not

The following is what LWL has written:

"The powers that be command and no one in SPH dares to stand up to the powers that be and say , "You cannot abuse your power" I will do so. I and HL are at odds over a matter of principle. HL has no qualms about abusing his power to have a commemoration just one year after LKY died least we forget. Lets be real, last years events was so vivid no one will forget it in one year. But if the power that be wants to establish a dynasty, LKYs daughter will not allow LKYs name to be sullied by a dishonorable son. "

Lee Wei Ling's response to the Asian Wall Street Journal remains defiant in her assertions, despite the Prime Minister's blanket denials of her post which went viral on Sunday. The relevant excerpt being highlighted above which crystallises the depth and breathe of her opposition.

Historically, the issue of "Dynastic Politics" has been politically sensitive and both LKY and LHL have wielded the power of lawsuits against publishers of the very same accusations which LWL has currently professed.

But Lee Wei Ling is, in a sense, in a position differing from that of both the New York Times or the Financial Times. She was a confidante to her father and his daily companion in his last years and more than any outsiders would understand. She would be in the best position to defend and honour her father's wishes on how he wanted to be honoured. So her words as a privileged insider carry gravitas and must be answered as well as respected. Her wordings in the extract above shows that the issues addressed by her have been long standing and pre-dates her exchanges with the ST. i.e. " HL andI are at odds over a matter of principle" .

It should be noted that we are not sure if Lee Wei Ling really objected to the whole idea of "dynastic politics" perse or rather just that she is trying to protect her father's name and memory from being misused or abused for the building of a "dynastic politics". She did not categorically denounce "dynastic politics" but the intention to protect her father's name and memory drives her above all.

The Prime Minister has denied her accusations at all levels but the feeling amongst Singaporeans is that there is no smoke without fire. It is only logical for some people to believe that there must be some substance or basis for Lee Wei Ling's assertions due to her close relations as the care-giver to her father during his last few years, as well as an important integral part of the whole family clan.

So until her assertions are proven, or for that matter disproved, in a court of law, Singaporeans are entitled to question and disbelieve of the "powers to be" about their claims on a political dynasty or the manner in which LKY was remembered, because LWL is neither mad, grief stricken nor an individual with an axe to grind but rather something we all understand as Singaporeans, sons and daughters seeking best to honour the memories of one's parents.

And if it thus arises that another Lee (son, daughter or grandchildren etc) surfaces as a Prime Minister decades on, her words will stand as judgement of whether there was or was not dynastic politics.

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