Friday, April 08, 2016

Where are the MPs during Budget Debate?

I feel extremely sad about this. Budget Debate is the MOST IMPORTANT parliamentary debate of the year but yet, the attendance is really pathetic.

I wonder why nobody stop the session and ask the Speaker to check whether there is a Quorum to continue the debate or not! This will definitely happen in HK if the pro-establishment legislators were absent!

It is truly a shame that we paid these MPs so much but yet, they went MIA during the most important parliamentary sitting of the year. Sigh.

No matter how Talented their candidates political parties claimed they are during Generation Elections, as long as these "Talented" people are just taking MP as a part time job and start missing the most important parliamentary debate of the year - Budget Debates, they are practically and basically USELESS to our Democracy and our voters!

But somehow, Singapore voters are just mesmerized by the sweet talk and glamorous qualifications of these candidates and kept voting them into parliament every GE. That is the sad state of affairs of our Democracy. The Ruling Party is only interested to maintain minimum number of MPs in parliament to keep the quorum but most of its MPs and Ministers are MIA during the Budget Debate. And yes, the 70% of Voters voted for this.

It is PAP's standards of First World Parliament.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

"But somehow, Singapore voters are just mesmerized by the sweet talk and glamorous qualifications of these candidates and kept voting them into parliament every GE."
Goh Meng Seng

Not really lah. Rather, Singapore voters, and majority of them, are very scared to accidentally vote the PAP out simply because the opposition is not ready to be govt.

Just imagine, if instead of PAP, had the opposition won 93% seats in GE 2015, what kind of govt will it be, when their leaders were not even on speaking terms with each other before the election, and some even behaving like jumping frogs? You know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, we were guests at a Community Center to meet an MP who is also a Minister. Someone from the audience brought up about the high property prices here.

A ray of hope for the majority or so we thought with his given answers. His answer was he was not interested in the PRIVATE PROPERTY market even if it touches $8000 psf as the rough estimation of foreign owners were only less the 5% and others not exceeding 15%. His assurances that the government's paramount concern was the affordability for the 1st timers .The ability to control every thing was not possible as too many rules and regulations will clutter the every day life of the ordinary people. Simplicity will be best. Scroll Down.

2 weeks on, the 7th cooling measures was infected to the country followed by the 8th.

Anonymous said...

Housing unaffordability or because of insecure people who wants to see they have bigger better homes than their friends or colleagues and is not interested in living within what they can afford. Instead of being contented with what they can afford and cease worrying with what they cannot afford to flaunt to their neighbors and the public, they blame all except themselves. For personal gain and self interest fork all those who bought high as long as the price drops 40% and a few are in good hands.

Anonymous said...

Where are the MPs during Budget Debate?

Could have gone shopping??

Every few weeks, flyers were pushed under doors about storewide sale due to relocation or closing down.

And the discounts were so attractive that it was so irresistible, so why attend the superficial debates?

Surprisingly some stores have been long time in the country.