Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Collapse of Meritocracy and Integrity under PAP Rule

When the Ceiling Gate Saga happened, PAP Minister was pointing to the sky and gave us a lecture of INTEGRITY. Well admittedly, somebody involved in Ceiling Gate saga must have lied and there is definitely some integrity problem.

But so far, we do not know who lied as WP didn't want to investigate thoroughly on the roles of their contractors and Managing Agent. On the other hand PAP didn't pursue the matter to investigate who is lying as well.

While the lecture of Integrity is still ringing in our heads, IDA was exposed to have employed a Foreign Talent with fake academic credential. It is a very serious matter as there was precedent whereby individual Singaporean was charged and jailed for using fake academic credential to look for jobs. It is more than just integrity problem and criminal issue here because such acts have great impact on our system of meritocracy.

If such dubious acts are somehow tolerated by a Government Statutory Board like IDA, it will send a big wrong signal that CHEATING in job seeking with fake degrees from degree mills is accepted as a norm in Singapore.

In fact this is not the first time such embarrassing thing has happened in Singapore. NUS has employed a lecturer in Medicine school from India who was found to have fake academic credentials and he was exposed in USA eventually.

I have always said that how can we consider people graduating from Third World countries universities as TALENTS if their universities were mostly unheard of? In Singapore our universities have rigorous curriculum and only the top 20% or 25% of our cohort can get in. But what we are experiencing is that our graduates from our very own universities are being replaced by people from dubious unknown universities in third world countries and worse, some even with FAKE Degrees from these places!

PAP Government didn't have any proper mechanism to screen out all these cheaters before they issue them employment passes or even PRs and subsequently citizenship!

And now we know even Government Statsboards like IDA and NUS have tolerated or even defended such glaring lapses!

How can we ever trust PAP Government again im upholding the system of Meritocracy and Integrity which our little Nation is founded on? Especially so when they have flooded our country with so many foreigners to compete with our citizens for jobs and limited resources? How many of these over two million FT are actually FAKE TALENTS and cheats?

With such prevailing snobbish attitude of the Government agencies we have, I won't be surprised as much as over 30% of these foreign migrants have fake degrees because MOM which is the gate keeper, just didn't do their job properly.

Do you still want to trust PAP Government again?

Goh Meng Seng

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Anonymous said...

Do you still want to trust PAP Government again?
Goh Meng Seng

Of course. If not how? Vote in the disunited, not even ready to manage properly a town council, let alone anything bigger, opposition and their party hopping members as govt? That will be even worse, isn'it?