Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Challenges in Post LKY-Era

Although I dislike and cannot forgive LKY for what he has done to our democratic system and I have decided not to mourn his death, but I have mixed feelings about his death. I am more worried about Singapore's survival and sustainability after his death.

First of all, the dictatorial system which he has built is not sustainable at all. It will need a "Philosophical King" to be at the helm. For any generation, the chance of having a Saint-Like "Philosophical King" is worse than playing lottery, least to have such PK to be placed at the top of the political leadership. Confucius, though highly regarded as a "Saint-like" philosopher and teacher in history, has never played any substantial political role of any big states during his era. Neither did Socrates or Plato, who had preached about the "Philosopher King" concept.

Thus, to depend on the current dictatorial system to bring us continuous stability, prosperity and most importantly, honesty in political management of the Nation, is totally irrational and unrealistic. We will need to build a full Democratic system with proper separation of powers to provide the necessary checks and balances.

The second worry on my mind is that we have lost a very important political leader who could garner respect and the necessary diplomatic network which will ensure Singapore, a small open economy state's interests, safety and stability to be guarded among the fluid and dynamic global situations.

At this moment, I cannot see anyone in PAP's current political leadership has that ability and global influence to fill the gap that LKY has left us. This may be the crucial and critical survival skill set our Nation is lacking for our survival.

Singapore's future may face a lot more uncertainties if our current political landscape doesn't change.

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