Sunday, May 06, 2012

Top Irony Award for Labour Day

May Day has ended without much fanfare but at least SDP has tried its very best to put up its very own May Day Rally at Hong Lim Park. I suspect attendance was pretty poor because hardly any photo shots were made on the audience. But where were the workers? Where were the people whom SDP supposed to fight for during Labour Day?

But at the very least, good effort. The respectable Uncle Chiam, at his ripe old age, has managed to come up with a decent May Day Message. Never mind if it was co-written by other people but at least SPP bothers about Workers' plight.

Ironically, Workers Party which has a literal name about workers, has not issued any May Day message. Their website was infested with Trojans for quite a couple of days and was down. Maybe the Webmaster needed to take a break on May Day holiday since there was no urgency to get it up again when the Party didn't have any May Day message to post anyway.

The name Solidarity actually originated from the labour movement or trade union in Poland back in the 1980s fighting against the Soviet puppet government for workers' rights. Eventually the Solidarity forced political change in Poland and eventually won the elections to lead a coalition government. But it seems that National Solidarity Party of Singapore didn't seem to think that it has anything to do with Workers' rights because it didn't have any May Day message either.

The most ironic happening of all was from PAP, which many perceived as the "Number One Enemy" of workers as it continues its wage suppression with its liberal foreign labour policy, to have a full May Day message. As if the irony for PAP to monopolize the union movement in Singapore isn't quite enough, its Secretary General Lee Hsien Loong's message won the best irony of the day for Labour Day.

Who would think that the party which monopolize labour unions in Singapore to warn about increasing wages for workers? Well, the reasoning of productivity is flawed because it was PAP's liberal foreign labour policy which suppresses wages while depressing productivity at the same time!

Goh Meng Seng  

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