Monday, May 21, 2012

Speeches by Png Eng Huat & Desmond Choo

Png Eng Huat has tried to avoid that little weird American accent but he should try not to "DRAG" his tone at the end of his sentences. There wasn't much substance on what he has claimed he would bring into parliament.

Desmond Choo has improved tremendously from his speeches in last GE2011. He is using the soft card quite effectively and he has dropped his "Angry Man" image. He is using the "soft persuasion" approach which he tried to "Touch the Heart". Nothing substantial in terms of policy views but just emotional persuasion. This is quite "refreshing" because this is normally the kind of approach opposition parties use.

I must say he has put up a good speech here.

There are differences between what approaches opposition and ruling party candidates could use in elections. Ruling party candidates cannot use the "Angry Man" approach because the anger in the voters are most likely the result from ruling party policies. Thus, it is easier for opposition members to use the "Angry Man" approach to get resonance from the voters.

PAP, as the ruling party, has limited approaches to use. Soft persuasion is the most effective way for ruling party.

Goh Meng Seng


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your own English is horrible. where did you got to nerve to criticise other people's accent?

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I totally agreed that Png make a good Grassroot leader but not a strong MP. I am for WP but after reading GMS comments, he make a few goods points for Png n his party to learn from it