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NSP National Day Message

National Day Message 2008

Dear fellow Singaporeans,

Happy National Day

. . . but are there good reasons to celebrate?

Inflation is at an all time high. Consumer prices are soaring, fuel oil is at record prices, and the value of our money is also getting smaller. So, is there any good cause to celebrate?

More ERP gantries are being installed, for longer hours, and some at higher prices too. Night ERP is here to stay. Even though our night-time drive home does not affect economic productivity, they are still up. These will directly affect our time spent with our families. The Government wants us to take more public transport like buses and MRT. Yet, the Public Transport Council has given its green light for both the SMRT and Comfort-Delgro to ask for another guaranteed 3% fare hike -- to enable them to maintain their profit margin, in the light of soaring business costs.

When the workers asked for a corresponding pay rise to cope with the higher cost of living, Finance Minister Tharman responded that it will cause another round of inflation. It is indeed a surprise that our workers have such powers to cause Inflation, but not our Ministers. Do you know that our PAP Ministers would soon be enjoying another round of confirmed wage hike of up to 21. 64% at the end of 2008. This hike was approved in Parliament last year.

Our President, MM, SM and PM will each earn around $3.76 million per annum, after this wage hike. Now, if those scary wages are not inflationary, how can our workers’request for a pay-rise be inflationary?

When increasing the GST to 7% last year, the Government, estimated that it would suffer a $700,000 deficit with the GST-offset package. But by the end of 2007, it reported a budget surplus of $6.45 billion instead. The Government had once again extracted too much more money from the people, than was required to run this country.

Except for some PAP elites, life is getting tougher for everyone in Singapore. Middle-income Singaporeans have been hit hard, and are badly squeezed by the Government’s policies. Are you one of them? If so, what are you going to do about it? We cannot remain indifferent and pretend that nothing can be done.

On this occasion of our 43rd National Day, may we wish you a happy holiday. We would also urge you to think and reflect on how we (together) can work to lobby the PAP Government to squeeze less and do more for the people of Singapore.

Please email us at <> to express your views, concerns, ideas and suggestions on how we can compete with the PAP more effectively. When there is greater political competition, there will be a greater desire to serve you – the people of Singapore -- better.

Once again, Happy National Day.

Sebastain Teo Kway Huang

国 庆 献 词





政府增设更多的公路电子收费闸门,延长了收费时段和调高过路收费。即使晚间国人开车回家并不影响经济成长,却得照样支付夜间实施的公路电子收费。避之则直接影响了我们和家人团聚的时间。政府要国人多用公共交通工具(如巴士和地铁),然而,公共交通理事会却允许SMRT(新捷运公司)和Comfort-Delgro (康福德高)提出调高车资3%的申请,以确保它们在经营成本不断上升时还能保持其高盈利率。






如何更有效的为广大民众向政府力争更好的利益和服务是我党的首要课题。希望您能提供宝贵的意见和建议,将它发到我们的电子邮箱 谢谢。

再次的祝贺大家:国庆日快乐 !

张培源 谨上



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