Saturday, August 16, 2008

Impersonation - Highest form of Flattery?

Lately I have found out some interesting happenings going on in the internet. I have been impersonated in the new sammyboy forum and facebook!

I have written in to Sam Leong (host of the Sammyboy forum) to "reclaim" back my moniker there but for the Facebook, it seems that I could not get this impersonator removed. Although I have my own account in Facebook but I am afraid that many people will be confused by who is who in that networking portal. The impersonator has used my public photo put up on NSP website and my real name in facebook. However, apparently, it did not attract any friends because all my friends know my REAL facebook account.

I am a bit upset until a friend told me, "Impersonation is the highest form of flattery"! Sometimes I really wonder, do I really deserve such flattery from my political opponents and detractors? I am really amused after hearing that from my friend.

I guess I would have to live with it for the time being as this is just typical Singapore. Sad to say, we are still politically immature as a Nation. Our PAP government could just self pro-claim "World Class" but the very fact is that we have a F9 for political development.

Well, readers could just check my earlier postings which were bombarded with all sorts of spam insults by my political opponents, detractors and agents. It is not after I declare that I will just leave them as it is for the WHOLE WORLD to read and understand how politics actually work in this politically backward country, the spamming just stopped. Coincidence?

Now the agents have changed tactic. They have started smear campaign on the net by setting up blogs to throw insults on their political opponents. Then, they try to impersonate their opponents! But they do not understand that if they keep doing such things, they are actually telling the world that these people (well, I am really flattered to be included!) are "dangerous" or "threatening" enough to them, their position, so much so that they will use all dirty means to try and destroy them! That's a bit too much credits put on my shoulders, I guess.

Frankly speaking, I am just a nobody. Its just that I happen to run as a candidate in the most hotly contested wards in Aljunied GRC along with my ex-comrades Sylvia Lim back in 2006, that's about it. Well, maybe this blog of mine has raised some very critical questions on PAP's governance from time to time, but if all these are just rubbish to be brushed aside, so let it be! I do not think what I have raised here is critical enough to topple the PAP government. Its just simply a VOICE that I have amplified from the people that I see, meet and listen to.

But I would say all these CHILDISH acts by my opponents are just a reflection of the political reality in Singapore: backward and undeveloped. Its just shame that modern, high tech society with world class infrastructures are inhabited by such political goons. Sometimes, I don't really know whether to laugh or cry about these goons.

Goh Meng Seng


Ramseth said...

In this internet world, it's childish to impersonate, but it's also childish to take impersonation seriously, whether as affrontery or flattery.

If impersonation is the highest form of affrontery, then ignoring it is the best defence. If impersonation is the highest form of flattery, the ignoring it is the best form saying thank you.

Anonymous said...

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leetahsar said...

follow their pattern n complain to the host regarding such abuses. they would erase your blog that is not put up by you.
those people have no principles and yet act like "freedom fighters". worst than hooligans. at least they show themselves as one directly whereas this bunch on one hand act gentleman and the reversed they are so bloody despicably cunning!
i spit at them! PTUI!!

Ramseth said...

According to your recent theory, some of your better friends are clones and spies. Plese don't keep friends if that's the case.

Ramseth said...

I very disappointed and hurt that comment. But nevermind. That's life. Got to take it in stride.

Anonymous said...

"If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then litigation is the sincerest form of 'Thank-you'."