Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Resignation from Workers' Party

My Resignation from Workers' Party

I did not expect to write this so soon as I wanted to wait until the present parliamentary sitting is over before I make any public statement on my resignation which I think is not news worthy at all, but may be a distraction to Sylvia Lim's maiden speech in parliament.

Anyway, for some reasons, the ST reporter got to know about it sooner than I desire. I granted the interview with the view that it is better to make it clear right from the start rather than allowing the reporter to write with all sorts of speculations in mind.

The following are just some facts that I need to clarify:

1) I resigned from Workers' Party on the day when the misinformation of I threatening to sue an internet forummer was reported in Today. This is due to my private assessment on the damage done to WP's public image despite the fact that I have clarified the facts on the matter to the Today's reporter. I guess Today will never make any reports on misinformation about any PAP MPs or ministers with their clarifications put side by side. Well, this is life in Singapore.

2) For some reasons, ST chose not to report the specific reason I gave them about the damage done by the Today's report on the misinformation (though with my clarifications by the side).

3) Nevertheless, damage has been done to WP's image. I have talked about the importance of accountability for all my adult life and I think in view of the situation then, I will have to practise what I preach. It is a matter of personal integrity to me. If I do not practise what I preach, on what moral grounds do I stand when I question the ruling party about accountability in their governance?

4) This is the reason that I resigned. The speculation proposed by the ST reporter that I quit because I am unhappy about the rules which are going to be implemented (over internet engagement) is totally unfounded. It is only healthy that people have diverse views about anything in a political party. The most important thing is that, at the end of the day, we will come to a consensus and move on from there. It would be a total disaster for a political party to have members agreeing 100% on everything everytime.

5) None of the CEC members has requested me to resign over this matter. In actual fact, some have tried in private to convince me to stay on. My heart felt thanks to them but I think it is an important political point to be made.

6) For those people who like to speculate all sorts of things and come up with all sorts of conspiracy theories, they will be very disappointed. This is a simple resignation over a simple but important reason.

The most common reaction from people is that I am quitting politics altogether. However some will be relieved and some will be disappointed to learn that this is definitely not the case. ;)

My political vision and dream is to work towards an alternative political system for Singapore, to initiate positive change or reform to Singapore's political system. Joining a political party to provide meaningful political competition to the ruling party is merely one of the many ways or possibilities in achieving this goal.

I have written in this blog about the dilemma between the choices of partisan politics and NGO's role of creating more political awareness among the populace. In order for the reform to the political system to be successful, it will need the backing and support of Singaporeans. This could only be achieved when the political consciousness and awareness of our citizens are raised to a certain level.

Beside exploring the idea of forming or joining NGO, I have even explored into the possibilities of forming an independent alternative private think tank for all alternative parties. Political parties need policy research capabilities in order to perform their duties effectively. PAP, as the ruling party, has the support of the government funded think tanks to provide them the policy research capabilities. Alternative parties are deprived of such much needed resources.

I could even help out any political parties in various areas so to help the system grows. There are so many other ways one could contribute to the ultimate aim of reforming the political system besides standing in the frontline as a candidate during GE.

Of course, I may not rule out the possibility of joining any political party again or even form my own political party in future, but I think there are so many options available for anybody who want to do their part in initiating changes to the political landscape here!

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you looking ahead!

I was shocked to see your resignation on RedBean's blog...

Anonymous said...

Best of wishes

sapmme said...

Sorry to hear that.
Good luck to your future enterprises...

WP_BOYZ said...

Sorry to see you go, uncle. Some people in WP must be really happy with your resignation. We all know the culprit who set you up. Let's wait and see if he will take over you in the CEC.

AP supporter said...

Your resignation damage WP's image more than safeguard it, hope you will consider join back WP.

You not even help WP to grow to comparable size as big as PAP, how to help those weaker parties?

Do not say bad things about WP after leaving but pple put words into your mouth then how?

Joining a political party to provide meaningful political competition to the ruling party is the best way in sg, the others also best but not in sg.

Don't close your blog after resign, OK?

Anonymous said...

best of luck uncle.
Post the details up when you set up the think tank, I'll be one of the first to join. We need more caring politicians in this dehumanised country.

Anonymous said...

The fact remains you are demolished totally by an anonymous forumer on the internet. You will become a joke if you continue to remain in politics. Please spare some thoughts for Singaporeans and disappear altogether, okay?

Anonymous said...


You can leave the party, but you must not leave those Singaporeans who support a true democratic government, freedom of speech enviroment, a leader or party who 'REALLY' care for the life of Singapore citizens and a leader who does not only care about casino but the less well to do peoples of all walks of life in Singapore.I mustself do not like PAP and the leader of Singapore.The father and son and the PAP member are like one whole gang who only want to earn more income at the expense of those poor Singaporeans.Please to all Singaporeans, if you guys really want to embrace a true democratic country, please do not support PAP anymore.Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew once said before, Singpaore will not only have two IRs, but more.So he means that Singapore must build more casino to survive in this new era.Haha, then why not may as well admit that PAP are not capable of bringing new ideas to bring Singapore forward, but had to rely on the so called 'Integrated Resort'.I wonder what will happen to our future son and daughter, if we had to tell them our leader had to resort to casino gambling inorder to survive.sigh......

Anonymous said...

Can we trust our government to be honest in their action?I doubt not.
Even our beloved police and Anti corruption department falls under the control of PAP members, how can our government be honest if they had to resort to dirty tricks?
Think about it, unless the police and Anti corruption Department are a independent forces, how can they act on the behalf of all Singaporeans interest?I really pity myself for living in a PAP controlled country.

Anonymous said...

A caring leader will, be transparent in all his actions, will not resort to sueing other party members just to protect his so called face, will open up the Singapore reserve to let more poor people to enjoy the benefit of medical expenses, low transport fares, afforable HDB, free to express his or her own views without going to get sue, making sure all citizens have the basic needs to meet the daily life.I doubt our leader did do most of that.Instead, our reserve was used to help Indonesia government to fight their own problems, to invest in all kind of funds, or taking over Shin Corp telecoms with underhand tricks, and not forgetting paying all the PAP mp with high salaries.I wonder what kind of ruling party we have here.A pity i am born in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Even Hongkong ICAC is an independent forces which i think are more clean and efficent to deal with government corruption.
We Singaporeans still dare to think we going to trust our government for upholding justic and rightness at the hands of a full power leaders and party members?Heh don't forget why Lee Kuan Yew prefer to choose a Malaysia born Mr Goh as our previous Minister?Think about it, because he will be taking order directly from Mr Lee and since he is not locally born, the passion for Singaporeans is not there and maybe his heart is only caring for his power and money, and why Mr Lee not asking him to step down and let him be senior Mp?Because he know too much of the dirty things inside the party, soooo inoder to keep his mouth shut, our Mr Lee give him a senior Minister position to stay in a so called 'power' so as to keep his mouth shut! Understand now??? Why a tiny Singapore need so many minister???And also inoder to make sure the opposition party can't get enough men to challange the PAP power, Mr Lee decided to pay more money to more MP to govern a tiny Singapore.A lot of money spend on unwise things.Sigh...

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous above:

Do you just want any opposition politician, even a monkey to fight for our rights in Parliament???

So far, WP has not mentioned anything about the Shin Corp deal and instead waste time making frivolous police reports and internet mudslings.

Is this the opposition Singaporeans want???

Please GMS, get out of SG for good, we don't want to hear from you again!

lockeliberal said...

Dear Meng Seng,

You make a right choice in resigning. You will become a joke in WP if you remain. Don't worry, there are so many young members around waiting to take over you, WP will continue to grow and expand.

Anonymous said...

ICAC in Hong Kong worked very well
Replying to: What the most effective way to fight corruption? -- ausgang Post ReplyBack


06/09/2004, 12:31:46

Author Profile | Edit

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) was established in Hong Kong by the British colonial government in the 70s. There used to be substantial corruption in HK: Policemen took protection money, nurses demanded red envelope before treating patients, government officials got very rich, etc. Then in a few years, a culture of fairness and clean practices was established in HK. Bribes stopped and clean government became the accepted way of the city. In fact, people feared and respected ICAC more than the police. Hong Kong is rated now as the second cleanest place in Asia, after Singapore.
When Mainland officials visited HK, they wanted most to visit ICAC and learn how it cleaned up HK. Mainland tourists would run out to the center of busy streets to pose group photos in front of ICAC office.

If ICAC can work in HK, basically a Chinese city with Western tradition, then an ICAC-like organization should also work in the rest of China. All it takes is real commitment.

Should Singapore setup one ICAC like what the Hong Kong did?
Sigh...., i am afraid our leaders will not want to hold onto their powers so that they can do what they want!!!

Anonymous said...

A mistake i wrote...

Should Singapore setup one ICAC like what the Hong Kong did?
Sigh...., i am afraid our leaders will 'WANT' to hold onto their powers so that they can do what they want!!!

Anonymous said...

This is Meng Seng's personal blog. If you want to discuss ICAC, please go elsewhere.

Mr Goh, why you still put WP logos here, don't you know as you are no longer a WP member, it is illegal for you to misrepresent them!

Do you want a police report to be made against you as well?

Anonymous said...

Anti-Corruption Drive Secret of Hong Kong's Prosperity

By Heda Bayron
Hong Kong
25 July 2006
Bayron report - Download 627k
Listen to Bayron report

International business executives rank Hong Kong as one of least corrupt cities in the world. That reputation has become one of the secrets of its economic success. But some 40 years ago, the city suffered from endemic corruption.

Vendors in this Hong Kong wet market call out to shoppers to buy fresh fish, meat and vegetables. Business is brisk.

But some 40 years ago, gangs - known as triads - their police protectors and corrupt government officials terrorized markets like these, extorting money from hawkers in exchange for letting their stalls stay open.

Hong Kong people call it the "bad old days," when blatant bribery took place in nearly all aspects of life in the then-British colony - in getting driver's licenses, school placement, public housing and even medical help.

This woman has sold jade trinkets for more than 40 years.

"The triads harassed hawkers especially during the Chinese New Year when vendors want to have a better location for their stalls. So they have to pay a few dollars," she recalled.

Professor King Tsao, a corruption expert at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, witnessed blatant police corruption.

"I remember when I was a kid and I went to the wet market with my mom and I remember vividly there were some policemen - just passed by to patrol - and they collected cash, $10, from each hawker," he said. "They were not worried that someone would witness it, report it. They thought that was part of their life, part of their jobs to do everyday to collect money."

Yet the police department was supposed to investigate corruption and the public seemingly had no recourse. But that changed when mass protests erupted in 1973 after a police superintendent, then under a graft investigation, escaped from Hong Kong.

The British colonial government was forced to take radical steps, enacting strong anti-bribery laws, and creating an independent anti-corruption body, the ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption).

Today, Hong Kong is a clean and prosperous city. Many here credit this success to the ICAC.

Armed with unprecedented police-like powers to investigate, arrest suspects and seize assets, the ICAC quickly broke up police protection rackets and pursued corrupt government officials.

By the late 1970s, the ICAC says reports of corruption dropped by more than half.

Rebecca Li, the assistant director for operations of the ICAC, explains the commission's strategy.

"The ICAC from the outset adopted a comprehensive strategy in combating corruption through the three-pronged approach - strict law enforcement, corruption prevention and community education," she said. "The government has been giving the ICAC sufficient resources to enable us to carry out our work effectively. We also have the necessary legal muscle in place."

She adds that public support has also been key in stamping out corruption.

"I think it's very clear that what made Hong Kong transform is the strong desire of the community to finally do something about the problem of corruption," she added. "Corruption is a highly secretive crime. Without the support and cooperation of the public in reporting corruption, then the ICAC wouldn't have been successful."

Initially, people were wary to report corruption to the ICAC but today, about three fourth of complaints are no longer anonymous.

The commission airs commercials like these regularly to keep public vigilance.

NARRATOR: "And corruption won't vanish on its own. Report corruption to the ICAC and together we can build a fairer, better world."

Professor Tsao and other experts say Hong Kong's clean reputation has been one of the secrets of its economic success.

"Businessmen have the certainty to invest," he explained. "They know that their money will not go into the pockets of the government officials, just like some other Asian countries."

Tsao says other countries in the region facing endemic corruption could learn from Hong Kong. He, however, notes that having the legal muscle, government and public support are not enough. He says Hong Kong also improved vital social services such as public housing and free education - something so scarce in the 1960s that people had to resort to bribery to get them.

Despite the city's success, Hong Kong authorities forge on with their battle against corruption. A recent challenge comes from rising complaints of private sector corruption and transnational crime.

Still, many here say they remain confident in the ICAC.'s ability to crackdown on new sources of corruption and to safeguard Hong Kong's hard-earned economic success.

This story originally ran at

Any independent department for us to complain if our political leaders do wrong?Haha i afraid not because we will kana sue back since our corruption department fall under the PAP full control!!!

Anonymous said...

hey people, don't you know GMS has not made any police report at all? i think you got him mixed up with that Perry Tong who reported to the police for impersonation in sammyboy forum. get your facts right before you write lah.

Anonymous said...

Part III

See also All in the LEE Family

Lee Kuan Yew claims that he is incorruptible and has - successfully - sold this notion to many throughout the world. On the other hand Singaporeans who know better dispute this claim. Let us take a closer look at the facts behind Lee's boast.

Lee Kuan Yew & Sons
If this heading sounds more like the name of a company, that's because it is. Singapore is still run by Lee Senior. Yes, he has given up the post of Prime Minister and Secretary-General of the People's Action Party. But there is still one post that he has not relinquished - Chairman of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GSIC) which manages the country's financial reserves of more than $60 billion. Lee knows that in the island republic, money is power and Goh Chok Tong can have all the titles he wants. Lee still calls the shots. He once told reporters that if he senses that things are not right, he would send a note "down" to the Prime Minister.

With his power, Lee knows that he can manipulate the system and push his sons up to positions of power. Hsien Loong, Lee's older son, miraculously (but meritocratically, insists the senior minister) became a Brigadier-General in the army by the age of 38. Fellow cadets who had attended officer training with him reported that Hsien Loong couldn't even pass his marksmanship test. Then there is the second son, Hsien Yang, who is also this incredibly competent soldier to attain the rank of Brigadier-General while in his thirties. Both have no combat experience.

Hsien Loong, according to the PAP, was so brilliant that he left the army to become Deputy Prime Minister and will soon be Prime Minister. Hsien Yang was also so bright that he also left military service to become the head of the biggest and most lucrative Government-run company, Singapore Telecoms.

Lee genes
Of course, all this intelligence had to come from somewhere. Mother Kwa Geok Choo was apparently responsible for all this. She was so clever that she built up Lee & Lee into one of the biggest law firms in Singapore - never mind the fact that all conveyancing work of the government-owned Housing and Development Board flats were channelled to her firm. Today, she reportedly holds major shares in companies such as Wing Tai, a property development conglomerate, and TIBS, a bus company. Information about how extensive the business arm of the Lee family reaches remains a highly guarded government secret.

Even daughter-in-law Ho Ching is so smart that she now holds the top positions in Singapore Technologies (ST), a major industrial holding company, and the all-powerful Economic Development Board. A few years back she suddenly resigned from ST. One month later, she waltzed back in. No one, least of all the subservient local media dared ask why. It was rumoured that she had differences with a former government minister who was also involved in the company. Even when Micropolis, a computer company run by ST failed, costing Singaporeans S$600 million Ho Ching was never made to account.

How about Lee's siblings? Lee Suan Yew was recently caught with his pants down over the HPL saga (see other story). He was not investigated over the matter even though that was clearly a breach of regulations under the law. Unbelievably, he was subsequently appointed Justice of the Peace! Another brother, Freddy, quit the police force under clouds of suspicion that he was involved in an illegal chap-ji-kee (gambling) racket. He is now the chairman of Vickers Ballas, one of Singapore's biggest brokerage firms. The firm suffered enormous losses in 1998 due to the stock market crash. It was quietly rescued by another brokerage firm belonging to the Government-owned Singapore Technologies. Another Lee brother was given a banking licence to start Tat Lee Bank when other more qualified institutions were denied the opportunity. Recently when Tat Lee went bust due to heavy loan exposure in the Indonesia market, the state-owned Keppel Bank came to the rescue to bail the Lee-owned bank. It was a very astute merger, the Government claimed. Corruption by any other name reeks just as foul.

Meritocracy through nepotism
Do Singaporeans know about all this? If they do, why aren't they speaking up? As in all dictatorships, to speak up and challenge the powers that be would attract so much scorn from the dictator that people prefer to keep quiet - at least for now. If one were to so much whisper "Corruption!" by the Lee family, defamation suits come raining down. With a judiciary that has Lee's intimidating face firmly etched in its mind whenever it delivers judgments, verdicts are predictable.

But as with all dictatorships, the time will come when the dirt will surface and the truth is revealed. Perhaps then, Singaporeans will be able to see for themselves how much the Lee family's achievement is due to competence and how much to corruption and nepotism.

By S Chua (pseudonym)

Anonymous said...

One country, two laws

Lee Kuan Yew has never failed to brng anyone under the glare of the CPIB if there is a hint of corruption on his/her part. The late Teh Cheang Wan, then Minister for National Development, was driven to commit suicide when it was revealed that he had taken bribes for the construction of Housing and Development Board flats. Another official Wee Toon Boon was also punished severely for his role in a corruption case. Glenn Knight, a former public prosecutor, was charged and convicted for corruption in a business deal. During his case, Knight suffered a massive heart attack and was incapacitated for a period.

In the HPL instance, there is more than ample evidence for the relevant authorities to commence an investigation into Lee's family. When news broke about the Whitewater affair concerning U.S. President Bill Clinton, an independent counsel was set up to investigate the matter. No one was above the law. At least, not in the U.S. In Singapore, however, Lee Kuan Yew cannot even tolerate calls for investigation into his family matters. Alas, he and his family are above our Singapore law.

Perhaps, the PAP should stop telling the world that it is so incorruptible.

Haha even our Anti corruption is afraid to do their job without fear of anyone!!! Sigh..., how i wish we can have our own Hongkong style ICAC!!!

Anonymous said...

To those who still support PAP, i can swear to god, you carry balls for PAP and hope your hand won't get tired after so many years of carrying PAP members balls!!!

Anonymous said...

huh? this is about Mr Goh's resignation leh, don't spoil his party. He wants you all to cry and say farewell, not talk about PAP here!

Mr Goh more interested in fixing those who opposed him on the internet.

Anonymous said...

I really hope you will consider your resignation. PAP is only happy to see you go.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Putting himself up as "sympathetic" seems to be Goh M S forte. God knows whta his next move will be. Rejoin WP?

Anonymous said...

Hi uncle,
So what's the story behind Chia Ti Lik's resignation? Waiting to hear the other side of the story...

Anonymous said...

Chua Li Tik resign. Is the WP going to close down?

Yiren said...

I guess many people will have many opinions... I believe we really need a strong opposition so that the country can move towards establishing an alternative voice. Do remain within the WP to make it stronger... Thanks for your hard work for the many years... keep going... for you and I.. singaporeans...

Kelvin Tan said...

Meng Seng,

I remember you said something before you decided to join WP, that you do not want to be just an armchair critic with your Internet postings as Madcow.

It appears you now realized how fun it is to be one er? When you join WP, it appears that you can no longer have your cake and eat it, that is to comment on politics over the Internet and still be a politican.

Well, join the rest of us then. Singapore is not even a democracy anyway so no worries about what has happened.

Anonymous said...


I support what you say.

I am staying

Anonymous said...

PAP will be damned sad to see GMS quitting!

They can't wait for GMS to shoot himself and WP in the next GE.

If these shit are revealed in 2011, WP will be gone!

Anonymous said...

anybody knows Chia Ti Lik's blog?

His resignation is a greater loss for WP.

When can we find a lawyer cum ex PAP Youth member again in our CEC???

Anonymous said...

I'm resigning from the Youth Wing. I don't think Perry has the morality to lead us anymore.

Who else wanna join me?


Zenra2003 said...

From Zenra2003:

To be frank, I think that you may be a little politically naive, but you are likeable character when the topic moved beyond politics into mundane issues. Be that as it may, I wish you all the best in your life beyond politics.

P.S. To all who alleged that GMS wanted to sue me, no where did GMS ever mention that he wanted to sue me, so I do not know where this piece of misinformation come from.


Anonymous said...

What singaporeans want is choices and for that matter, the government has not done much and probably could not.
Dun give up! Singaporeans are behind you.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is quite comical. I serve to read on topics related to SEX. Yes, SEX. Commercial sex in particular. The website was created for this purpose, at least this was what Sam Leong once confessed in a post. Once in a while, I pop by the Alfresco Coffee Shop to read some of the more interesting posts, including politics. All this while, I thought "goh meng seng" isn't the real "goh meng seng" !!! OMG, GMS's political IQ mustn't be too high. While GMS spends time serving the net, Singapore is rapidly transforming into a dynamic economy. GMS, all the best for your future and may God bless you.

Anonymous said...

To All WP adversaries,
You will be very sad to know WP is doing well and thriving still.
People make their choices, sometimes wrongly,
But WP will live much longer and stronger than any of this rubbish.
We dont need any lawyer , doctor or great person, if the person does not have the right HEART.
It sometimes is better for certain people to go.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad to hear this from a WP "supporter".

Ti Lik has sacrificed alot for WP and he is one reason behind WP's growth in the past few years.

Is that how WP treat its ex-members? Once you leave the party, you are considered a pariah?

Anonymous said...

Then you obviously do not know what a scum so people are.

Anonymous said...

Chia TL is a PAP plant, it's better for WP he leaves now rather than later.

Anonymous said...

good riddance, GMS and CTL.
WP will be a much better place without you too.
Check your conciences.
Will you have been the politicians you are today without the help of the WP.

Anonymous said...

Read what CTL said in the Sunday Times today and I'm damned pissed off!!!!

What an ungrateful ba**tard he is!
Without WP and LTK, will he be here today? How dare he takes such cheap potshots against us.

Such PAP DOGS should be condemned to the 18th level of HELL!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope PAP will try to coapt Sylvia into its ranks one day.

Sylvia can still continue to criticize governent's policies as a backbencher. It is a waste of her talent to remain in WP, a party wrecked by internal politics and disputes.

ben said...

Mr Goh,

Some history lessons for you,

Since losing by 89 votes, Dr. LEE SIEW CHOH lost 6 consecutive elections before entering parliament as NCMP.

Mr. JB Jeya suffered 5 straight losses before finally overcoming the odds at Anson.

Mr. CHIAM SEE TONG lost 3 times before being elected in P.Pasir with just a loudspeaker and a Volkswagen.(plus some silly O levels results comparision)

Even Mr.Low thia kiang lost one in 1988 before finally elected in 91.

So if you and Mr Chia want to be serious opposition politicians and expand the political discourse here,

Belief, stamina, guts and passion will be recognized one day.

If not, you and him will be mere footnote in annals of Singapore's collective memories.


Anonymous said...

Even political analyst Ho Khai Leong find ur reasons unconvincing, what else u got to say?

Anonymous said...

Rejoin Workers' Party! Dun resign. WP is in bad shape now, Dun let the PAP attack the WP!

Anonymous said...

WP is NOT in bad shape. It is well and thriving.
CTL is just a sore loser and an ungrateful bum. We DO NOT need him.
WP has survived very well for 48 years before he joined. Who does this clown(CTL) think he is??

Anonymous said...

You and CTL are both selfish people who done more harm than good for your so called political aspirations.
Right now the media is putting the opposition party to the task. This is politics not a write down my ambition essay. To be honest, i think you leaving is good since you insist on free internet banter. You just know the hammer is cominng down on the internet. Good riddance. Well the whole opposition here is a joke anyway.

Anonymous said...

ONE huge big rotten apple doesnt make the whole basket bad.
Do give credit when credit is due, to the rest who have been tiredlessly doing outreach after outreach,week after week, without complaint and without any expected reward.
Many have done it for YEARS too.
How about LTK who brought WP from nothing to where it is today.
DONT ever fall into the PAP trap of generalising the opposition.
Please remember that.
We will be better and stronger without ungrateful people like them.
That's life.
There are HEAPS of people who leave any Party or Organisation, no matter how good the party is, ALL THE TIME.
Get over it. MOVE ON.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, WP has survived 48 years with only 1 or zero seats in Parliament.

What has WP done for Singapore over these years?

Anonymous said...

People come and go, no big deal. At least Mr Goh resigns with a noble reason - taking responsibility of his internet postings which were said to have damaged his party's image. He left gracefully without attacking the party.

Whatever the true reason behind his resignation, his presentation via the media sounds professional and ethical - some important attributes which are lacking in many local politicians.

Ghormax said...

I think you should not fall victim to the strategy of divide and conquer! The ruling party has employed this tactic successfully for a long time. I respect your reason of not hurting the image of the WP but if you want to do something meaningful you need to become a uniter. I liked your idea of a "private think tank for all alternative parties". Try to develop strategies that unifiy the opposition in order to more effectively challenge the regime. Try to find something that all can agree on and don't worry about potential repression even if that's a possibility.

Anonymous said...


It's really sad to see WP lose a valuable member and it's really through you that I got to know more about WP.

Things happen for a reason and I'm happy to see that you have the integrity and courage to do what you feel is right. It's a minor setback but life is never without struggles.

Do continue on the great work that you've been doing.

lockeliberal said...


Do you know the babe above. So chio....

Care to tell us more about yourself, Jayce?

Anonymous said...

To fight against any ruling regime
which had already control almost every things like the finance sector,the Armed Forces, Police forces, Anti-corruption department,
the Media, the transport, the NTUC(the workers union), and also the airport... i just can't go on and on because so many things falls under the ruling regime(i don't want to say who lar, you guys know)
....the only way is to===>>> setup a base in another country, build a mighty finance base from there, recoup people from all sectors from Singapore, set a goal for one reason===>>> to make Singapore free from the ruling regime whom i see as the modern emperor...who only know how to make use of the people's money to support their campaign for more $$$ and more power!Only by fighting from other country can the goal of uniting all Singaporeans as one nation.
I think Singapore can do withour any party's, all are one people's, why fight against one another when we are just a 4 million nation?
Why fight against one another for upgrading when we can united one another to build a more better society?

Anonymous said...

Only whiners like GMS are nuts to go against the PAP.

I'm earning 10K a month and enjoying life here in Singapore, why should I go against my rice-bowl?


Lukas said...

I had much respect when JB Jeya was in the WP. He totally ignored all the threats Lee & Lee were imposing on him. JB Jeya was a man of principles and truly cared for the commoner's interests. I have been following up on Singapore politics long enough to know that all opposition parties will not succeed until they form a united front against the tyrannical government in control. Personally, i think it's time we advocated a form of Anarchist-controlled society where Singaporeans as a community should take care of what governing is to be done rather than have a distant, self-centered centralized Nanny State do it. A mutualaid government is always better than having a coersive government. As a great Doctor of the Catholic Church once put:

'A law, prop- erly speaking, regards first and foremost the order to the common good. Now, to order anything to the common good belongs either to the whole people, or to someone who is the viceregent of the whole people. Hence the making of the law belongs either to the whole people or to a public personage who has care for the people; for in all other matters, the directing of anything to the end concerns him to whom the ends belongs.'
In question 90, Art. 3, St. Thomas

Lukas said...

The first step: Opposition parties to unite and form ONE (Anarchist) party.

The second step: Get support from International like-minded groups and media

The third step: Muster Singaporeans with passion to serve the people (of all races and culture).

The fourth step: Get rid of closet-racist campaigns such as the "Speak Mandarin", which only helps to bolster the majority race but completely ignores the needs and interests of the minorities.

The fifth step: Expose nepotism as it is. Even civil servants are fully aware of the Lee's practises. No more hiding behind the pink curtain.

The sixth step: Educate the younger generation of Singaporeans on the right to having Freedom of Speech. (mindful of other religions, races and cultures of course, so as not to upset anyone.)

The seventh step: To sack corrupted government officials (and don't tell me there is no corruption in our current government - nobody is that naive) and replace them with sensible God fearing individuals who aspire to serve the people's interests and have a truly listening ear.

The eighth and final step: Before doing any of the above, have the courage, show some chivalry. Looking at other country's examples on how its citizens fought invaders or Colonialism and how they succeeded. Speak with an authorative voice and not like a mouse. Have self-confidence.