Sunday, November 12, 2006

Whats's the Story?

Whats's the Story?

Updates: One of the reporter responded to my article here, "Thanks for the response. Regarding the cheng tng, we did say that Salim brought it, along with some young WP members." The impression of the article is that Salim bought the cheng tng with the help of other WP young members, I quote: " Along with some other young WP members, he bought some cold cheng tng for Dr Chee and comrades, a gesture that was highlighted, with thanks, on the SDP website" The word used is "bought".

I am amazed by the imagination that the reporters have when they write the "hot story" about Workers' Party with regards to Tilik's and my resignation. First of all, I must clarify again, two factual errors:

1) The report suggested that Salim bought the 'cheng tng' for the SDP protestors:

" Along with some other young WP members, he bought some cold cheng tng for Dr Chee and comrades, a gesture that was highlighted, with thanks, on the SDP website.
The cheng tng overture received an icy reception from the WP leaders."

As far as I know, it was Melvin Tan that bought the cheng tng, not Salim. I think ST reporters will have to keep up the 'high standards' that MM Lee has set for them, at least to be factually accurate in their reporting.

2) Secondly, the article seems to indicate that my resignation got to do with:

a) the internet guideline
b) the 'jockeying among young members' eyeing for the 'A' team.

One of the reporter that I spoke to even ask me whether my resignation got to do with my move from NEAC (where the Aljunied GRC is included) to CAC. I hereby reiterate that my resignation is a simple resignation for a simple but important reason, accountability. It is on my own initiative to request a shift from NEAC to CAC for strategic and tactical reason that I am not going to reveal.

Furthermore, I have resigned even before I know about the details of the internet guideline. Thus, it is impossible for me to make decision based on something that I was not even aware of in the first place!

As far as I know, there are no signs of "jockeying" among young members for a bigger role within the party. In fact, most younger (in age) senior party members have decided to step down from positions in the Youth Wing willingly so to let young and new members to take up more responsiblities within the party. Melvin, Tilik, Shin Leong and I have voluntarily stepped down from Youth Wing positions and did not take part in the Youth Wing Council re-election process! Most importantly, we come to the same decision without even the need to consult each other! We are all very happy that the party has grown in strength and that there are many more people willing to take up our positions in the Youth Wing. We are not 'power crazy' at all but in fact, altruistic in all sense. We understand our visions, missions and roles very well.

It is unfortunate that Tilik and I have decided to resign for two very different reasons. Some may think these are insignificant reasons or even "laughable", but to us, these are not small matters. It is a matter of principles and convictions. And to suggest that either Tilik or I resigned due to 'power struggle' would be grossly inappropriate and insulting to us. We have come a long way and decided to join Workers' Party when it was at its lowest point in recent history. It is definitely not power, fame nor any materialistic gains that motivated us to join Workers' Party at its weakest point. It is just pure passion, beliefs and convictions that bring us together in Workers' Party. If it is about power or better prospects of gaining power, fame or materialistic gains, we would not have chosen Workers' Party; Tilik would not have quitted PAP to join Workers' Party.

We have come together, work together, trying our very best to develop and build up the party, right from its lowest point. I feel that it is really insulting to us for people even suggest that we resigned due to 'power struggle'. Ironically, this would be the most 'laughable' reason in our persepective!

I would rather people see our reasons for resigning from Workers' Party mistakenly as 'trivial' or 'laughable' than being insulted in such crude way.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

so why did Ti Lik quit?

Anonymous said...

Cheers to that, Mr Goh!
I was infuriated at MSM's representation of this topic. It was unfair, sensational and not aimed to present the truth.

It's heartening to see men like you stepping up to speak the hearts of the Singaporeans you represent. I salute you.

Anonymous said...

Mr Goh,

Stop behaving like a sissy.

If you are not happy, wirte in to forum or make a police report, why whine like a prostitute here?

Anonymous said...

Glad you clarify!

Workers' Party! You still have a choice =p

Anonymous said...

Your resignation is a great lost to Worker Party and Singapore struggle for democracy.

Thanks to all PAP supporters, as expected after every election, the cost of living goes up. Let them welcome the 7% GST...

THL said...

Hi Meng Seng

Please continue your good work in creating the alternative to Singapore government. As you rightly concluded before, all prices to rise - now with the 7% GST and all the transportation and electricity price increase.

I am disappointed that our PM chosed the Scandanavian countries' GST (25%) as a benchmark. Did he consider that their standard of living and ours are different and they are on different social support/pension system from us.

We are paying our government officials top pay and all they can EVER think of is to increase tax to solve social problems. This kind of solution is not worth the millions that they are milking from us.

For those people who has been hurling insults to you, well, they will reap what they sow. I can foresee our GST will continue to increase all the way to 20% (still less than the Scandanavian countries!) in the near future because we have big social problems and the only way to resolve them are to increase tax. (Hey, I'm not even paid a cent for dishing out this advice).

The best part of PAP is that the have a good process of releasing bad news:
1. Warm you up first with news of the change
2. Then set up think tanks and discussion groups to identify affected groups
3. Put in place several "many helping hands" schemes to ensure that these identified groups concerns are addressed
4. Warm you up a bit more with benefits and incentives
5. Roll out the change.

By the time the citizens would not be as surprised and they will accept the change happily.

Welcome to Peasantland.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meng Seng
Think you are a fool to have left the party. But that's just me, unless of course you have something you haven't told us yet.

Anonymous said...

At least GMS has the courage to clarify matters.

Unlike Perry, still haven't give the public an explanation if his email is truly hacked.

Anonymous said...

Once a member, always a member

Do consider join back WP. As long as WP has not penerate a GRC, your mission is not complete yet.

Think again.

Anonymous said...

Oh, typo error! It's penetrate.

Anonymous said...

WP would never win a GRC. With a strong team like late Lee S C + Francis Seow they failed to do it, u mean people like GMS 9(who stand once and quit immd) would win? Hahahahahah voters would only see him a 1 term election candidate and gone with the wind.

Anonymous said...

Perry tong would not like to end up like GMS. His youth wing President post is hard fought. Heard tht there was a close fight, with GMS leading the way, finally due to some "internal jockeying" he finally bowed out. Tht could be one reason why Goh was dismissed from WP, because in youth wing he has nothing. Next Perry tht parrot is not gd at expalining, even a gd explainer like Goh would not be able to convince people of his sacking let alone tth parrot.

Anonymous said...

Luckily voters did not vote WP team in. U see for urself what happened after the GE. james Gomez the liar fled S'pore. tan Wui Hua tht irresponsible chap dumped his voters for a fat job in Dubai and finally GMS quitted WP. If they win tht means only left Slyvia & Rhizan to do the job. 2 cover 5? OMG!!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, does it mean Andrew and Marcus will take over their position without contesting an election?

Anonymous said...

To 11.52pm anonymous.

You are talking nonsense and please think before you write.

James had been working overseas way before the election and I am very sure he will quit his job should WP win Aljunied GRC.

Hui Hua got his job posting before the election. Should he wins, he will stay on to serve and will not accept the overseas job posting.

As for GMS, it was unfortunately that he has to leave WP. Nobody knows, so we please stop guessing.

James and Hui Hua, please correct me if I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

"Once a member, always a member"

I agree with this. My guess the majority of the layman don't think what you done is hurting the party or that you are a dishonorable person. Remember only your OPPONENTS will like others to think so and hound you persistently that even you would believe so and do something like quiting politics as a opposition. Being in the opposition party you must expect attacks on you from all forms and quarters. Think it out, don't fall into their trap and do something your opponents want you to do.

Anonymous said...

So it is very honorable to be known by the public for engaging in mudslinging on internet forums?

Speaks much of your character, Meng Seng, stop living in delusion!