Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Comments without Ideas?

I was stunt by the recent announcement on political blogging. A Straits Time reporter called me up yesterday to have my views but only part of my response has been published today.

The following are some of the points made during the telephone interview:

1) Am I going to register my blog with MDA?

Ans: I will not do it on my own accord as it contradicts my belief of the rights of individual citizens to express his own political views. I will wait and see whether MDA makes a request for me to register, by then, I will come up with an appropriate response.

2) Did Dr. Balaji make good clarifications on political blogging?

Ans: No. He has not answered what constitutes political campaigning in specifics. The line is very vague as in determining what constitutes "promoting political ideas"; how could one discuss politics without a single political ideas or ideals in him? He must be speaking with his political ideas or convictions when he writes in his own blogs; does that considered as "promoting political ideas"?

3) Is your blog considered as "party" blog, with links to WP?

Ans: Mine is not the only blog that has links to WP. I ask him after reading my articles on my blog, did he feel that I am "promoting" WP as perse? He said no. Precisely. It is only a collection of my political views and ideas. But if I am going to be a candidate in the coming elections, my blog will be one avenue whereby voters could read about my political views to judge for themselves whether to vote for me or not....does that constitute "campaign advertising"? This is a big grey area.

4) Will I be updating my blog during election time?

Ans: No, basically I don't think I will have the time to do so. All cyber election campaigning will be done through WP election website.

I am quite amused by one of the so call "criteria" set by MDA. Bloggers "are allowed" (yeah, very paternalistic in nature, it is not your right but privilege to be allowed to do so!) to make comments on politics on blogs as long as you are not "promoting" any political ideas or political parties.

That really bugs me! How could one make any sensible comments on politics without an idea in him? Are we supposed to make comments without any ideas behind it?

Furthermore, a person could only have a set of ideas or ideals in him on various political stand. Thus, when he make any comments in the political arena, of course he will be "propagading" what he truly believes in! If he is not "consistent" in promoting his views, then what type of bloggers are your talking about?

It is really amusing in reading between the lines of such laws! Are we encouraging people to make sensible and consistent political views or just that we just want silly, no bainer comments? If we want to cultivate a more politically responsible and aware citizenry, such stupid laws should be abolished!

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

of cos nothing is gd to u oppose for the sake of it ma who dunno how 2 win of cos nvr win lol

Anonymous said...


"Why Singapore is afraid of podcasts (and many other things)

Anonymous said...

be open minded to learn and look beyond the paper and media. think critically.

we are like a frog put in a cold fill with cool water. when the pot is slowly warm up, the frog in the pot still does not know, it will adapt to the temp and think it is Ok. We are in such an environment, so used to reporting in the media, always assume we are the best cause we only read and believe, many are lazy to even think. That's the danger.

Most of us joined the crowd/majority to LOL at opposition. PAP was an opposition before it came to power too.

In any case, we should not name a party with different manifesto / ideology from the governing party as opposition, cause the title is misleading.

Worker's party please say you are worker's party and not necessary an opposition, because what you bring up is alternative ways and ideas. In commercial setting, alternatives ways and ideas brought forward are seriously explore to see how such ideas may benefits a company, likewise it apply to a country, thus I seriouly think that your party should bring this point across during your meeting with people. Stop being called an Oppoistion, this title is misleading.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, need to clarify. Singaporean should learn to see & hear beyond our papers and media. Learn to think critically.... we are all in the pot and the pot now is very hot....

In the past, the pot has an environment that encourage our growth and development, but that has changed and we - the frog - still do not know. We've grown so fat and juicy. Singaporean, do you know that?

Worker's party, do your best, and there are people who know you have put your best to serve the people. Is not easy to stand up as the minority and be laughed at by the majority. But keep up the good effort by Mr Low.

Anonymous said...

WP and SDA must each win at least 1 GRC, to strengthen the Alternative voices in the Parliament.

Sad to say that WP is giving up Sembawang GRC to SDP. As much as I want SDP to win this GRC, the chance is very slim, now with the lawsuit against them. It's obvious that PAP wants them all OUT. Frighten? Well, it's for the voters to judge.

If WP will to take up Sembawang GRC, the chance may be slim, but there's still a hope to kick up Khaw out of Parliament.

Nevertheless, do you very best in the rallies and the groundwork. Hopefully, this election will be very different from the past. We hope to see good results for the Alternatives!

Yes indeed!
We have A CHOICE!
Use it properly and don't complain later about prices increase and high cost of living!


Anonymous said...

Our Gov said this election is very important to all Singaporean. I strongly agreed cos i m a
Singaporean it concern me but Y ?? I m not given a fair chance to VOTE ??? Can't for once the whole nation vote together be it PAP/SAP/WP or etc... Answer is "NO" again Y ??? Cos this is our GOV set and said here come the Question : DID U PICK THEM TO BE OUR GOV ? ? When I was born they are already the GOV, till today they are still our GOV but never once the GOV ask me, DO I WANT THEM TO BE OUR GOV !!! Be fair to all Singaporean if is so important the election let the whole nation vote...... What I want from my GOV is to show me all they know beside just leading and 1st GOV must open their ear to listen to me cos I m a Singaporean I have my right to pick my GOVERNMNENT.

A word to the Government. What's Election??? Do you understand??/ What's walkover??// Do the resident agreed??// Why can't you win by Glory a fair and saint competition!!!// Why always find bone in the eggs when there is opposite sit in???// What is this??? Aren't we worst then a communist Country. We can't Vote fairly, We can't talk openly, We can't have our own thinking, we are worst than a puppet.

What's going on ????

Please Mr LKY, once and for all you are already 82yrs we don't denied and never will we forget you and your contribution to the nation. Your effort is always appreciated and cannot be erase. But it is time you have to let go.... You are once our hero so be it stay as a hero don't let the nation hate you and forget your contribution and goodness.

And please don't make Singapore a laughing butt to the World. I have been travelling around the world and the words I heard 10yrs before and now is totally different. How disappointed I am to say.

10 years ago - ppl say " Singapore is a clean and nice country. you have good government and system. What a great part of the world you are born in. Lucky you a Singaporean.

But now what they say : -

Oh you are from Singapore. What a pity, such a nice country but no human rights. You cannot have brain in Singapore or they will damn you in one way or another. You have to be a puppet for all your life like a slave. When you GOV say only right turn you can't go left. It is no longer a democracy world it is the LEE DYNASTY. We are back to the Emperor times in the history of China.

Please is time to let go.