Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Time For Battle

You Have A Choice!

The time has come for battle!

Someone asks me whether I am "excited" about it, I say no. There is nothing exciting about going to battle. Nervous? No as it is not a matter of life and death in fighting the electoral battle. Stressed? Maybe so, basically because we are fighting a battle with an opponent who will outnumber and outgun us.

Neverthless, I have to do what I have set to do, for my family, children and future generations. I do have a CHOICE of not doing it, just like many people and friends around me, minding my own business and keep quiet about things happening around us. But I have CHOSEN to face the reality with my heart, soul and actions. The reality of the pitfalls of a one party rule, the reality of the undesirable social moulding by the ruling party using public fundings to provide HDB upgradings SELECTIVELY. The reality of the environment of FEAR (and yes, even before the battle starts, some who have promised to be our assenters have back out already, due this very pervasive FEAR!).

For the country that have provided me the opportunity of good education and grooming, the very least I could do is to stand up to all these undesirable factors and say NO! For my family and my future generations, this is the very least I could do to fight for a better environment and future for them.

Before I sign off from this blog and stop my contributions for the next three weeks, I want to thank all of those who have given me your words of encouragement. I want to thank my friends from the internet forums who have decided to take a calculated risks to come forward to help out in whatever capacity they could offer. Without them, fighting this battle would be lonely and more difficult.

My best wishes to my readers and please remember, you do have the choice to decide for yourself and your future generations what kind of society you want them to live in!

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

To Mr Goh,

As much as you are doing your very best in this coming election, we will have our voices heard through voting on Election Day.

These coming weeks will be tiring and stressful for you and your fellow WP.
So, please take good care of yourself.

My family will definitely be at the rallies to support WP!



Anonymous said...

The biggest battle is against yourself. If you are out of words or ideas or hit your limits, that is the end of you.

Mr Ong said...

To Mr Goh,

it will be a tough battle and I believe, surely you will try your upmost best. But nonetheless, good luck to you and I wish you all the best...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Goh,

All the Best! WP you can make the different. And you sure can make it!

We need at least 2 GRC under the alternative party(ies)only then we will have a greater hope for us and our future generation. Don't forget PAP was just another opposition party during the suppressing govt at that time.

Absolute Power C----It’s NEVER UNHEALTHY!We need You ! We need Alternative Voices...

Good Lucks!
A man who call u Moo…

Anonymous said...

lousy choice!!!!! u choose them u die LKY say LTK "zheng hu got $$$ spend"

*The Lunatic Fringe* said...

All the best Mr. Goh in your campaign and God bless. :-)

Singapore needs more credible alternative voices, and the WP is shaping up to be a serious and credible voice for the people who do want alternative options and not always what is deemed by PAP as the "best" or "only" option.


Anonymous said...


You're sure to lose. Just remember to keep your mouth shut otherwise you end up like CSJ, bankrupt.

The PAP will not let you guys go so easily. Remember that.

Anonymous said...

Mr Goh,

Please send one of your member to Bukit Pajang. I'll definitely for for AP.

U know otello? put seed strategically, next election surrond all singapore. Many want to vote for AP but still waiting for WP to come to BP.

Cheers! GOD bless singapore

Kelong said...

Dear Mr Goh,

You speak very good mandarin for an English educated person. You speak more fluently in Mandarin than in English. But something I need to comment is on your image. Although your image is nowhere as bad as Dr Fatimah or Ellen Lee, but you really look older than your real age. By the way you are 36 years old. Maybe you should dye yur hair black and change another spectacle frames. You portry a look such that you look as old as Dr Tan Bin Seng. You should ask your friend Mr Chia Ti Lik to teach you how to improve your image. He looks much younger and handsome then you.

Anonymous said...

All the best for the coming elections. Hope to see the WP win a GRC, so that we will have a credible opposition in parliament.

BTW, WP is looking good. Kudos to your sec-gen.

Anonymous said...

Hope WP contest in AMK GRC, to challenge lee.

Anonymous said...

Hope WP will consider contesting in Sembawang GRC, to oust out Khaw.

Anonymous said...

Send WP to parliament!

Anonymous said...

We have 1st world parliament as claimed by MM. But our media in political reporting is of what kind? 3rd World????Pariah World... Poodle--- woof---woof of Pappy!

Anonymous said...

becareful on Nom-day.Dont make any mistake again.Get all your acts together.

Get JBJ out of the pic and U will have a better to nap another seat.
goodluck !!!

Anonymous said...

Kindly update us where the rallies be held in WP websites so that we can attend.

Thanks and ALL THE BEST!!!

Anonymous said...

hi just wondering if you could save drafts of ur experiences during the whole elections and rallies and all that, and post them after all the hoo-ha? It will really be good to know how an opposition party member experiences and feels during the elections. haha just a thought.. Anw all the best!

Anonymous said...

Lost contact with you since 25 years ago. Finally found you on TV with the Workers' Party. Wish you all the best and keep in touch when you are free.

Your primary school good friend

Anonymous said...

Go get them!! All the best to you! You have my vote. We need more people like you.

Anonymous said...

Please call mediacorp as member of the public to say how disgusting we find the misrepresentation of the non-PAP parties during their coverage of the election.

If everyone us call, they will be change. Trust me. Many of the reporters WANT to report the TRUTH! However, they are stopped by their bosses.

We are Professionals & thinking people must do our part by giving them pressure from all sides. We enough pressure and professionals support, the reports will have call in figures to back their desire to want to report the TRUTH.

Many reporters are on our side, many policemen are on our side, they are singaporeans too. We can support them by calling in & writing in.

Let's give them tons of calls and emails to press for TRUTH. We can make a different. Each call can make a different.

MediaCorp News Hotline 68 2222 68

Give us your feedback on our content.

What are you waiting for.....pick up the phone and call, logon and email. Give them support to report the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH.

Some reporters said they hate the censor and want to resign, they need our support, they need our encourgement, they need to hear from us to know that they are not fighting alone against their bosses.

the truth is rarely pure and never simple said...

All the best for May 6! Thanks for your courage and commitment. You are right: we have a choice.

Anonymous said...

Our Gov said this election is very important to all Singaporean. I strongly agreed cos i m a
Singaporean it concern me but Y ?? I m not given a fair chance to VOTE ??? Can't for once the whole nation vote together be it PAP/SAP/WP or etc... Answer is "NO" again Y ??? Cos this is our GOV set and said here come the Question : DID U PICK THEM TO BE OUR GOV ? ? When I was born they are already the GOV, till today they are still our GOV but never once the GOV ask me, DO I WANT THEM TO BE OUR GOV !!! Be fair to all Singaporean if is so important the election let the whole nation vote...... What I want from my GOV is to show me all they know beside just leading and 1st GOV must open their ear to listen to me cos I m a Singaporean I have my right to pick my GOVERNMNENT.

A word to the Government. What's Election??? Do you understand??/ What's walkover??// Do the resident agreed??// Why can't you win by Glory a fair and saint competition!!!// Why always find bone in the eggs when there is opposite sit in???// What is this??? Aren't we worst then a communist Country. We can't Vote fairly, We can't talk openly, We can't have our own thinking, we are worst than a puppet.

What's going on ????

Please Mr LKY, once and for all you are already 82yrs we don't denied and never will we forget you and your contribution to the nation. Your effort is always appreciated and cannot be erase. But it is time you have to let go.... You are once our hero so be it stay as a hero don't let the nation hate you and forget your contribution and goodness.

And please don't make Singapore a laughing butt to the World. I have been travelling around the world and the words I heard 10yrs before and now is totally different. How disappointed I am to say.

10 years ago - ppl say " Singapore is a clean and nice country. you have good government and system. What a great part of the world you are born in. Lucky you a Singaporean.

But now what they say : -

Oh you are from Singapore. What a pity, such a nice country but no human rights. You cannot have brain in Singapore or they will damn you in one way or another. You have to be a puppet for all your life like a slave. When you GOV say only right turn you can't go left. It is no longer a democracy world it is the LEE DYNASTY. We are back to the Emperor times in the history of China.

Please is time to let go.

Serenditpity said...

Understand that an emergency meeting has been called by PAP to discuss the final day strategy.

Location unknown.
Meeting convenor: WKS
Attendees list: Unlnown but members from the SPH, CNA and perhaps ISD amongst others (expected attendees about 20)
Agenda: Last day's strategy.
To note: GCT not in the attendee list, though he initally he was also called. GY called specifically. surprise attendee: TCH, Hen and Vivian as well, though they were not part of the core strategy team.

My hunch is that they are looking for new and fresh ideas, as their existing ideas have not had much impact.

PAP clearly didnt expect the crowd's response at AMK on 4th night. They were really shocked. My assessment is that they are going to do something dramatic tomorrow to make sure that they do win Aljunied and PP. They MAY SET UP A BAIT FOR WP to flounder.

Expect dirty tricks, or major stunts by the PAP. the stakes are too high for the PAP.

Apparently LKY was to make a visit there (aljunied) tomorrow morning, but Mama Lee had objected. Dont know the reason.

There is panic and pessimism in the PAP camp which is very easily visible. there is a facade of unity because a small minority of PAP Ministers also didnt like WKS and LKY's handling of JG affair. But they had to keep their mouth shut.

LHL is actually exhibiting nervousness. Not that he is scared of losing AMK, but wondering of the implications of losing Aljunied and the overall percentage of popular vote declining. He cancelled a scheduled interview today at 6 pm with the media.

He is clearly indecisive; keeps going through the draft speech repeatedly. And keeps consulting guys like WKS, Tharman and his journalist friend in SPH about possible reactions to the statements. He is completely unsure.


Anonymous said...

If WP have resources, never loose sight of the ballot boxes.
A few of observers with vidcams surrounding the 4 corners
& 200m from the polling stations just to observe the
transportation of ballot boxes will help.

Since PAP claims that WP is a 'wayang' party, then remember....
wayang INSIDE the polling station is NOT an offense.
Proven by GCT and confirmed by AG office.

Anonymous said...

Good fight, Mr Goh,

Dun give up!

We will not give up!

We will fight for freedom, Democracy, human rights, better love!

Anonymous said...

Hats off to the Worker's Party for running a clean positive campaign! Don't lose heart. More fights to come in the future!

jOlYnNN said...

Hi Mr Goh there, can I address you in a much more casual way? brings in rapport eh? hee!

You guys really did a good job. Dun worry, you'll have our support. and please dun stop!! continue your work!!! WE DO RECOGNISE!

this message is for all of WP's fellowmen... thanks thanks...

Anonymous said...

Mr Goh pls dont get dishearted. We will fight along side with you for the next 2011 election.

WP! WP! WP! huat ah!

Anonymous said...

It is not a losing battle for Workers' Party! It is so clear that margins are drawn very near! We are for you, Workers' Party! It is a lost for the PAP because both AMK and Aljunied have already shown this so clearly!

Thank you for providing Singaporeans with good opposition leaders for all this years! We do appreciate it.

Please do not be disheartened, as it is just the beginning. We, Singaporeans need you! Thank you, Workers' Party!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Goh and all at WP. Well done and keep up the good work. From now till next GE, if I may be so bold to offer some suggestions

(1) convince the young and politically apathetic voters of the value of voting the opposition. I have many young friends who think voting is a chore.
(2) demonstrate in actions what you can do for the residents in Aljunied GRC.

Anonymous said...

Dear WP,

Well done. Next time round do even better, run for all the constituencies. This will show the people that we have a full alternative rather than a half one.

You folks can do it. Many more young people will stand up and join you folks.

As for the folks that are exposed and stand for this election. They have to be very aware of all their actions cos' the integrity smearing campaign will perhaps start so as to discourage other youngsters to join your rank.

Good luck

LASHLEY said...

Keep your chin up. It was a victorious CLEAN fight for both the WP AMK GRC (which I voted for) and the WP Aljunied GRC. WP denied the "overwhelming" mandate that the ruling party wanted. I believe that in the next election, we will finally get to see more alternative voices in Parliament. Until then, it's another 5 years of ground preparation and hearing the usual complains from the commonfolks.


Anonymous said...

WP dun give up!! u have lost the seats in parliament... but win in our heart!! i definatly vote for WP for life... i onli 20 yrs old... i swear i vote for u for my life... n ask my next generation to vote for u... u will nv be forgotten!!! mny young ppl like mi like u all veri much!! is truth... we have see the true color of PAPPIES.. they are NTH compare to u all.. !!! WP DUN LOST HEART!! u have WIN MNY singaporean hearts... those nv vote for u the are either RICH ppl like the PAPPIES or those old ppl hu are ignornce.... but mainly becoz i saw from tv tat all PAP supporter are KPO face... aunties face... see the face know tat they are hollow in their brain becoz PAP money can bride them easily... beri throw face to singaporean.... eaasily satisfied... I look DWN on u all PAPPIES n THEIR DOG!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Workers Party and the rest of the oppositions camps! For giving me and the whole singapore HOPE for a future, a TASTE of whats to come in 2011, and a CHANCE to vote this GE!

My family and friends are behind you and your visions for singapore and our future!

I will keep you, Mr Low and your team together with Mr Chiam and the rest of the oppositions in prayers and may God bless all of you with health and strength each day you fight this noble fight for us!

Singapore and singaporean will never be the same from this GE onwards, the seed is sow, the Wind of Change is blowing strong...

Keep on pressing on Workers Party!

Congrats to your return to office Mr Low!

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Goh & WP team,

It's the most refreshing GE ever with the new stance WP is taking. WP has truly connected with the hearts of many and many are grateful for giving them a choice.

I'm sure after this, though WP lost (except 1 seat) but would have won over thousands of supporters from other walkovered GRCs. Pls stay the course and best wishes for the next GE. Don't give up!

sling said...

Dear Mr Goh,

Singapore needs people like you. Without an opposition, the people become mute. Please continue to fight the good fight! WP has done well in Aljunied AMK Hougang and the other places. This election has wakened us to the credibility of your party and made the 'Worker's Party' a brand name. Please continue to speak up and help the people- esp the poor. It would be sad if WP fades from the spotlight.

You are building a foundation for real democracy that would last. As a young person, I must thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Goh and your WP team,

Please don't give up hope. Many of my family and friends voted for you guys in Aljunied. You have our continued support! Be proud of your 44% result..You are winners in your own right! Keep fighting on! I am grateful for your courage - the next election only looks set to be more promising!

Anonymous said...

Plse do not give up.

Anonymous said...

dear mr goh..44% wow! three months ago i think this's not possible..i tot PAP will stomp all over the oppositions party..thanks to u and all WP teams this is not to almost 10% drop in their overall national support will wake the PAP up!stay focus and the next election u and your team will do even better..this election rallies i see alot of youngsters, many in school uniforms..this can only be good for singapore future politics!

Anonymous said...

The result that you and your team have tonight is very good. I think that it is a very close fight. Please do not give up. Work hard for the next 5 years, talk and listen to the people. Singapore needs people like you to fight for the common people. In the next election, give PAP hell.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all that you and WP have done.

You have opened up the hearts of many politically-concerned Singaporeans with your fervour in fighting for what you believe in. My family will ALWAYS support the WP.

We hope to see you contest soon in 2011 and God Bless you!

I choose to be annoymous said...

Dear Mr Goh,
don't be disheartened. I cannot vote for WP because my GRC is a walkover but I have tried to sway friends to be in your favor. You had done a good job. Just 8000++ more people who are willing to vote you in and you will have won. Well, don't lose heart. It is so brave of WP to take on the challenge of a GRC when you could have chosen to take on a SMC. Did you see the smile on George Yeo's face even as he won? All the Pap people were black-faced, especially the prime minister who could not even smile, but George Yap smiled. You gave him such a fright. Hopefully, next election, the PAP would know better not to swallow up places that belonged to the opposition. I hoped more educated and qualified people joined your party AND that WP will win a GRC one day. When that day comes, WP will finally be a party that can punch. I am with your party, so is my family. Like someone suggested, involved the politically unconcerned youths who are made that way by the system here, show them they are the agents of a change. Oh yes, PM Lee got a very low mandate, merely 66%. Haha, hope that will stir up more people to join WP. Starting a weak party from scratch to be strong is never easy, but keep trying. Keep building your support base. Eventually, one day, your support base will be so island-wide that no matter how PAP shifted the consitutencies to form whatever GRC, you people will still win.

sleepless in singapore said...

I was an apathetic, disillusioned person who always thought that it doesn't matter which party is the government. I also once entertained thoughts of earning lots of money so that I can migrate to other countries with my family and hopefully enjoy a better life. There's nothing I can do so why bother in the first place. By the way, I'm 20 and cannot vote this year, besides my GRC is a walkover.

On 30 April, I decided to attend your party's rally at Hougang on a whim. I finally realised that there is actually a group of selfless people out there dedicated to making a change. I felt rather ashamed of thinking of 'quiting'. (actually, there's nothing wrong with being a quitter or stayer, it's all personal preference) Now, I think I will stay on to make my vote count and try to change things for the better in my own way, albeit how small a difference I can make.

WP has awoken the politically apathetic person in me, and restored my confidence that a better future for Singapore awaits. Thanks.

keep on going! don't be disheartened.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Goh and WP,

It was a fascinating campaign. You guys have kept it clean and gentlmenly despite all the low-class mud-slinging by another party. I hope the Ms Sylvia Lim becomes the next NCMP. I hope, too, that your party will build upon the success and goodwill generated during this elections to continue to serve the people. We need our voices heard in Parliament!

Elfred said...

I kinda expect a crushing defeat on your side though I was hoping WP might take one or two GRC by miracle to wake up the party's idea.

No matter, 65% (actually about 67%) is a good job in view of a new PM.

Hehehe... Personally, I am glad you ain't entering parliament.

From 65%, it's not hard to go into 55% with couple of GRCs falling in the next elections... Too bad Steve Chia wants out.

For the next election is the earliest election any politically well endowed should consider... :D

Sytweety/seulmoi said...


Like many other young singaporeans educated overseas and have just returned to Singapore to be dejected at the disgusting political backwardness of Singapore, I am glad to that there exists courageous individuals who are fighting for a better Singapore.

WP and the opposition has done EXTREMELY WELL in 2006 Singapore GE.

I have the typical profile of a young Singaporean educated overseas and returned home due to my strong sense of belonging here. Dejected at the backwardness of the political arena, I have previously moulded my decision to leave Singapore for further education and more career choices. However, having been to WP rallies at AMK and Serangoon Stadium, the speeches by WP have given me hope that there can be a better Singapore.

Despite the strict restraints that the government has in restricting the growth and influence of the opposition, I hope to be able to see WP members achieve more publicity coverage via radio interviews or public forum. This helps to build up the public's awareness of the potential in WP's candidates and awake more Singaporeans to being Kia-see about their current commitments and inadvertently demolishing the hopes for a better Singapore for the next generation.


Last but not least, ahoys for FREE PRESS AND DEMOCRACY.

Pandemonium said...

Mr Goh,

Well done! It may be a defeat, but it was a victorious defeat for the WP! I have voted for you. My family has voted for you. My friends in Aljunied also have voted for you. Keep up the good work, and I believe many more will support you like we do.

melbee said...

As a fellow Goh, I must congratulate you and WP for the great fight in Aljunied!!! Despite being a civil servant and all, I was really rooting for the WP team last night!!! A defeat is never too bad as long as it was a good one!! Come 5 years later, I am sure WP can pull a big one at the GE. :)

K.C.LoY said...

I was dissapointed that most Singaporeans are Not awaken from the reality, but hey WP may have lost the GE, but they have WON the publicity (the good one that is) and hearts of Singaporeans whom really want an alternative voices. Was very touched by the rall esp. the one at serangoon stadium with the pledge taking, seeing it from Although some parts of the WP Manifesto and WP proposals I may not agree with them, but i'm sure WP will recognised other ideas and proposals from supporters like me, rite? Is there anyway to contribute ideas to WP for GE 2011/2012?

Anonymous said...

it's the WP which showed the albinos what 'gentleman' politics is all about. No slandering, no personal attacks, no name calling! It was about issues, issues, issues! GOOD JOB! You have built up a strong pool of supporters (even in walkover GRCs) and polished the image of WP. Now WP is known to be a logical, sincere, credible party which is not interested in smearing other political rivals for political points. The albinos still have the cheek to say that their mandate is strong. The voters know basic mathematics of percentages. The chief albino is the first party chief in the history of Singapore who has apologised to his rivals during any electoral campaign. More importantly, even the albino mentor has admitted that he cannot sue Low. WELL DONE!

jane tan said...

Thank you Workers' Party for running the campaign as well as you did. I appreciate your efforts. During this election, you have given many Singaporeans a choice. I hope this electon will not be the end, but the beginning and something to build on for the future. It seems disappointing that the Workers' Party only won one seat, but please don't give up. If we want a more open and inclusive society, with a more accountable and transparent government, having credible opposition is important. Singapore needs alternatives, choice, people willing to ask the difficult questions and stand up for the man on the street.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Goh,

Congrats to the WP team on a wonderful performance. 66% in AMK is a slap in the PM's face. The PAP, of course, is too proud to acknowledge this transgression. 80%, my foot!

I am proud to be one of the AMK voters to have crossed next to the hammer. Thank you for giving me a choice!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get this out to the WP team. I am a first time voter, mid twenties and I am glad that the WP has given us a voice. I am moved by the sincerity of the team, the fairness and the integrity with which WP had run the campaign and how the WP team is made up of not just 'elites' and represent us the common man. This is not a setback. This is, I hope, just the beginning.

A Supporter

Anonymous said...

Don't give up. I believe in the next 5 years, you will see more people voting for the WP.

I hope to see you guys in 5 yrs time and meanwhile, continue the ground work.

Hopefully, there will be more choices in the west side.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Goh and WP team,
thanks for planting the seeds of democracy this election.
Nuture the ground for the next five years and who knows, in 2010/11 the flowers of true political vibrance would bloom like never before.
You have my full support.

Anonymous said...

Though WP has lost most of the contested seats but still it shows how much you care for the citizens and we all appreciate it.

"xi pai xi chen kong zhi mu" - hope this lost battle will gives you all more courage, more experience and mnore fighting spirit to work harder for the next election.

All the best and good luck! Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Psst! Even here in Holland-Bt Timah, we hear the Hougang roar of victory.
Well done WP. As for Aljunied & AMK, good results. But now, Ms Lim MUST take the
NCMP seat. WP need every avenue no matter how shitty it may be to prove itself for
the next 5 years. All eyes are watching WP's performance
for the next 5 years.

All said, if she dun go into Parliament as NCMP, someone else less capable will still take it.
Then the WP will be left with LTK, a lone voice in Parliament.

Anonymous said...

My personal opinion is that Mr Tan Wui-Hua should take the NCMP seat not Sylvia.
Miss Lim is already a household name in Singapore politics. She can continue to work the ground,provide advice, and speak as Chairman of WP.
Mr Tan is well spoken and logical and his stock could rise if given the chance to speak in Parliament.
That way WP would have one-more giant-killer among them...just a thought...

Anonymous said...

To all the WP members, both in the fore front and behind the scene, WELL DONE! All of you are GREAT! I truly believed that WP is really a true party that represent the man on the street unlike some party...

I have attended WP's rally in hougang, East Coast and then Serangoon, I always ended with this feeling that WP is truly a great team and to Mr Low, you have done well and you have really shown what a true undistracted leader is.. that is to lead by example and remained focus. Gomez has also done well too! The teams that you have selected to field for the election have performed well to WIN many Singaporeans' heart! All your candidates have definitely done well especially the Aljunied Team (Hope that the GRC does not increase to 7-8 persons in the next coming election...). A special praise goes to the Ang Mo Kio Team who have win over 33.9% despite the fact that the team could only do "one or two" rallies in Ang Mo Kio (in fact, i think its just one time while the rest of the ang mo kio venues were mostly eaten up by PAP) and facing challenges from small lee. I could not imagine if the team could have done more rally speeches... My point is that the Ang Mo Kio team comprises of many members who are around 30 years of age and this team is contesting against a supposingly more experience PAP team led by small lee. to get 33.9% of votes is really a remarkable result that really send home a message to wake up small lee!

Though WP has only won one seat, please do not despair as now, all singaporeans are eyes on the good growth of WP under the good guidance of Mr Low because this team really have the caliber to be our alternative voice (not noise as claimed by some) in the parliment. I personally looked forward and will be sending prayers to the good growth of WP in preparation for the next election 2011/2012 and to vote WP in to Parliment!

Anonymous said...

i think my situation is similar to 'sleepless in singapore' except that i live in a contested area. i still can't vote, though, but i think this election has helped me see that there really are alternatives in singapore, and this hope, i grasp.

abao said...

Mr Goh, I'm sad that Aljunied remained in the PAP's hands but don't give up! There's still 5-10 years to work the ground!

Anonymous said...

simplesandra said...

Just dropped by to show my support, and give you and your team a big pat on the back.

PAP may have retained Aljunied, but i believe,thanks to your effort, young Singaporeans are now more aware of local politics -- not to mention the alternative parties like Workers' Party that are trying hard to do their part for the nation, and give us voters an alternative voice!

Keep up the good work -- a new generation of Singaporeans are looking up to you guys!

(btw, I'm not from Aljunied. I'm from the west - walkover again)

Pandemonium said...

Mr Goh,

In addition to what I've said earlier, I'd like you to know the reasons why I support WP. You can read them in my blog entry. Also in there are points taken into consideration that worked against the WP. This is my input. I hope it will help you in the next elections.

Anonymous said...


1. More people join WP to help. As volunteers, party members or candidates.

2. Create a genuine grassroot organisation. Have out-reach offices, etc. These will enable them to organise and reach the voters.

3. Youth wing to constantly look for youth leaders. (i.e. student unions, etc)
4. Appeal to young and middle age professionals in their prime to join.
4a. Woo the rich and well to do to join the party. These are people who has insights to the government or businesses.
5. Appeal to the wealthy. Create a Business creation task force. How AP can help in that area.

6. Improve WP financial conditions. Create more source of revenue.
6a. Create a subscription program for "the hammer".
6b. Create more gifts and merchandises and WP insignia for sale to supporters.

7. Counter-Propaganda program.
7a. This consists of setting up legally (if possible under current rules, the WP newsletter weekly - Subscription based) and an Email newsletter (Free).
7b. Alternative media on the internet by Non WP affliated volunteer.
7c. Intelligence program (Spying and counter spying)
8. SMS messaging to voters or from the masses, days prior to the actual election day. Legally if possible, but else anonymously by non WP people. (Legal doesn't mean it is right, right doesn't mean it is legal. The law is set up those people.)
9. Create a statistics department.
9a. Learn from pollsters in foreign countries. Learn the voter profile, issues, etc.
10. Focus on weak issues and the weak link in the government.

11. Appoint each potential candidate as a shadow cabinet to follow and offer alternative policies. (Subject to WP policy final decision making, etc)
12a. Offer a HOTLINE for COMPLAINTS against the Government.
12b. Offer a HOTLINE for PEOPLE willing to reveal wrongdoings.
12c. Set up a Minority voice program to look into Minority issues.

13. Create the WP brand and image.
14. Create individual brand (i.e. individual candidates)

15. Create a AP based charity to reach first voters within the constituency, later to the rest of the neighbouring constituencies.

Final words
With PAP voter support at around 60%, across 3-4million people, if the whole Singapore were 1 GRC, there would be 40% against the Government and ZERO 0 seats in parliament.
Conversely, if each voter is 1 contituency, there would be 40% MP representation in the parliament.

With the GRC, it is the same case, by grouping the geographically area into a bigger GRC with more voters, this essentially means that voter support for the GRC will trend towards the national average of 60+% for the PAP ensuring that they win everytime (depending on what their national average is)

GRC coupled with total control over the media, AP will lose perpetually.

PEOPLE power is important, harness new technology, SMS, MMS, BLOGS, PODCASTS, Video Streaming, voice streaming, etc... Anonymous if you must... LKY didn't come to power in the orthodox way, he also made use of the students' unions, grassroots, inciting hate and rioting, etc...

Forget the PRESS and MEDIA, they have no choice, they are controlled by the PAP government. They are also human, they will be fired if they are favourable to AP or if they report both sides of the story. There have been cases of editors being fired...

By "have_a_voice"

Piper said...

Despite the one seat, I think the WP has done a credible job in Aljunied and AMK. I hope you will be able to build on this and provide us Singaporeans with a good opposition in the future!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Goh

I salute you and your colleagues for what you've done. You have my support. Good job!

*an Aljunied GRC resident*

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Goh & colleagues at WP -

Great job. You make me proud to be a Singaporean. You guys can count on my support in the next GE!

From an AMK GRC resident

Anonymous said...

Mr Goh & other WP team members,

Well done..and thank you for giving those who are eligible to vote, a choice!

Anonymous said...

A BIG thank you to you and the WP team for all the hard work and effort put in this elections!

You can be sure of my support (and vote) in the next elections. Please continue to provide Singaporeans with quality choice.

Anonymous said...

hi there great job in providing us a choice in aljunied and amk......

would wish that the team continues to go on their house to house visit during the 5 years until the next GE. U have my support

Im in Aljunied GRC but didnt actually see ur team doing the house to house in my area, i was kinda sad, hope to see u soon and get ur autograph during ur house to house visits.

work hard for the future of singapore

From: An Aljunied GRC resident

Anonymous said...

Don't give up Worker's Party,they people doesn't recognise your works and your will to fight for all singaporeans.

It's gotta be the 141st media fault.Less than 3mins coverage on the opposition everyday.That's terrible and perhaps u guys didn't click with the minority groups enough.

But still feel some singaporeans still isn't aware of wats happening.So People,PLS MAKE THE VOTERS SEE THE BIG PICTURE and not only think of themselves.Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Think WP put up a good fight this time. Hope to see you guys winning more single seats and one or two GRCs the next time round! And pls send my regards to Dr Tan Bin Seng who contested in my constituency.

Anonymous said...

defeat has never taste so sweet! this time it really shows how much support WP has garnered!

looking forward to another revolution in 5 years!


Anonymous said...

104265.16 in reply to 104265.14

I have a suggestion for WP.

WP should gather all the iconic photographs related to WP
that were taken during this GE and publish a collector
item pictorial book for this GE.

I believe that WP will be able to raise a significant amount
of funds through this method.

It will also boost the visiblity of the party among

However you have to be quick about it. It would best
that the book can be publish within 2 months so as to
capitalise on the publicity WP had generated during
the GE.

Goh Meng Seng said...

Dear All,

Thank you for all your encouragement and words of comfort.

I think the most important points made in this election campaign is that almost all young voters want a gentleman fight. Nobody likes to see lawsuits and court cases. Nobody likes to see mudslinging and character assassinations.

WP is definitely holding the moral high ground this time round where we focus on issues rather than mud slinging.

I am not disappointed by the voters but rather by PAP itself. It has lost focus and whatever little respect I have for them. PAP has claimed that it wants to debate on issues but in the end, where are the debates?

I hope PAP will do a thorough soul searching for this elections.

Goh Meng Seng