Saturday, March 25, 2006

Election Campaign Starts Early

After the electoral boundaries are out, it seems that the "unofficial" election campaign has started on both sides, the ruling party as well as alternative parties.

However, with the recent reports in various TV news channels and newspapers, they have given Singaporeans the wrong perception that political parties are only active when the General Elections is near.

Any political parties that take their political work seriously would have started preparations way before elections is being called.

For Workers' Party, strategies for this coming elections have been made as early as 2002. Ground work was initiated back then, though in a quiet way. The manifesto was planned and discussions started in late 2002.

The various ground work is only sustainable with the dedication and hard work of grassroot supporters and party members. Many people, including our opponents, thought that our early start of ground movements are not sustainable in the long run. But as a team of serious contenders for this election, we have proven all our skeptics wrong. All these would not be possible without the great support of our party members.

The delimma of starting early is that all efforts would be lost if the electoral boundaries are being redrawn drastically. This is especially so for single seat wards. This has happened before in Singapore's political history where Kampong Glam was absorbed when alternative party's members have spent time working the ground there during off election period. Even for GRCs like Cheng San could disappear overnight in last elections. This is one important reaon why we ask for electoral boundaries to be made known at least one year before the General Elections.

Neverthless, we took the risk (of wasting efforts on the ground when it was redrawn out) and carried on our intensive coverage of our targeted areas over the years. Hopefully our efforts will pay off.

In reaction to our aggressive ground movements, our opponents have also started their house visits very early. I guess it is only beneficial for the residents and voters to have their MPs visiting them to understand their needs and expectation.

I would say that the battle has already started way ahead of time. And hopefully this would always be so in future elections, for the benefits of citizens.

Goh Meng Seng


ted said...

Psst, can your team make an appearance in the CHangi-Simei area? We are part of the East Coast GRC.

sHi HaN said...

Somehow or rather, I feel that WP's chance on the oncoming GE is 'effulgent', if it is better prepared as what many believed.

On an off point note, do you guys even wonder why PAP have to assign SM Goh to help tackle the opposition parties' dominion?
Very simple, and to put it bluntly, the PAP don't have the very requisite confidence on that particular field of area.

Anonymous said...

Like to note that coverage in local media of alternative parties is very little as compared to PAP.

A simple glance of CNA's website, shows a crap load of PAP reports, but only 1 or 2 of the opposition.

You really need more media coverage.

Anonymous said...

Ever considered holding real (not online) petition drive against linking of estate upgrading to election?

It should have some decent support.

Anonymous said...

I really thought WP is the Alternative Party to watch in the coming GE.

But, looking at your set of candidates, only a handful can match PAP. How to win??? You guys need a lot more effort in engaging the professionals, elites and the rich out there before even thinking of making rounds each and every week/month/year or GE.

Quite sad you know. Wouldn't want PAP to beat you guys (and other AP) hands down like that but that is a fact. My challenge - 2 more GEs to come not now. Work hard for the Workers! Go!

- Singapore Mat

Chikorita said...

I believed , the tactics PAP used. Would eventually lead them to lose ;) backfired I mean.

sHi HaN said...

But still, it is unlikely that the PAP will lose, as in having a major setback on the incoming GE.

On the another note, somehow or rather almost everyday you can find issues or things about the PAP in the papers.
Without doubt, the oppositions don't have this particular vantage.

Anonymous said...

mr goh still nt answering y he cant wake up early in the morn n help low t k look for rally sites. lol what does this shows? maybe he shld ask chan c s for some advice lol

Social Democrat said...

It is pointless to lament about the redrawing of electoral boundaries when the real problem (lack of resources to prepare the ground in all 84 wards) is not resolved. The ruling party has capitalised on your weakness and after so many years, it still remains your weakness.

Anonymous said...

Our Gov said this election is very important to all Singaporean. I strongly agreed cos i m a
Singaporean it concern me but Y ?? I m not given a fair chance to VOTE ??? Can't for once the whole nation vote together be it PAP/SAP/WP or etc... Answer is "NO" again Y ??? Cos this is our GOV set and said here come the Question : DID U PICK THEM TO BE OUR GOV ? ? When I was born they are already the GOV, till today they are still our GOV but never once the GOV ask me, DO I WANT THEM TO BE OUR GOV !!! Be fair to all Singaporean if is so important the election let the whole nation vote...... What I want from my GOV is to show me all they know beside just leading and 1st GOV must open their ear to listen to me cos I m a Singaporean I have my right to pick my GOVERNMNENT.

A word to the Government. What's Election??? Do you understand??/ What's walkover??// Do the resident agreed??// Why can't you win by Glory a fair and saint competition!!!// Why always find bone in the eggs when there is opposite sit in???// What is this??? Aren't we worst then a communist Country. We can't Vote fairly, We can't talk openly, We can't have our own thinking, we are worst than a puppet.

What's going on ????

Please Mr LKY, once and for all you are already 82yrs we don't denied and never will we forget you and your contribution to the nation. Your effort is always appreciated and cannot be erase. But it is time you have to let go.... You are once our hero so be it stay as a hero don't let the nation hate you and forget your contribution and goodness.

And please don't make Singapore a laughing butt to the World. I have been travelling around the world and the words I heard 10yrs before and now is totally different. How disappointed I am to say.

10 years ago - ppl say " Singapore is a clean and nice country. you have good government and system. What a great part of the world you are born in. Lucky you a Singaporean.

But now what they say : -

Oh you are from Singapore. What a pity, such a nice country but no human rights. You cannot have brain in Singapore or they will damn you in one way or another. You have to be a puppet for all your life like a slave. When you GOV say only right turn you can't go left. It is no longer a democracy world it is the LEE DYNASTY. We are back to the Emperor times in the history of China.

Please is time to let go.