Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Core Values - Our Lack of it (I)

I know many people have been sharing that video about "Majulah" and it seems to suggest that Singaporeans do not have National Identity because we forgotten about the word "Majulah".

This is a FALSE Premise; a FALSE proposition which made use of your initial feelings to guide or misguide you into thinking of something which is of little relevance.

Our National Identity has been weaken due to many reasons; the massive influx of foreigners which benefited from the stability and good environment and infrastructure which we and our forefathers have built and protected by going through our National Service but in the end, we felt SHORT CHANGED in every aspects of life Singapore by the PAP government, from Education, Healthcare, Politics of False promise of Democracy, CPF to jobs. These are the fundamental reasons why we felt cheated and thus, reluctant to pledge our lives to defend and Die for our Nation.

The video is an attempt to give false proposition to distract the fundamental flaws of PAP's Rule, whereby they just treated the National Pledge which we so used to say every morning before going to class as some "Highfalutin" ideas which they are not interested in achieving for us as a Nation!

What we seriously lack as "CORE VALUES" in our National Identity is not "Majulah" but the disillusioned National Pledge which we used to believe in!

This is the reason why I have started the very FIRST National Pledge reciting in GE2006 last WP rally at Serangoon Stadium, to remind everyone the false promises of building of a Democratic Society for us and our future generations, the false promises of bringing Equality and Prosperity to ALL of us, Singaporeans!

Let us not be led astray by this "Majulah" nonsense but remember each and every word of our National Pledge:

We, the citizens of Singapore,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society
based on justice and equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity
and progress for our nation.

Goh Meng Seng

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