Saturday, December 05, 2015

PAP's Elitist Entitlement Mindset and FAILED Meritocracy

Prime Minister Lee has recently lamented about "Singaporeans' entitlement mindset" but I would say that he should take a good look at himself in the mirror as well as his backyard of Elitist cronies.

Through over 50 years of autocratic rule, his party has created a whole system of pseudo Meritocratic Cronism which lacks the very fundamental principle of ACCOUNTABILITY that TRUE Meritocracy is built upon.

Those so call "High Flyer Scholars" along with the various cronies in the whole system has taken the strong foundation which our forefathers have built up, for granted. These people milk and feed upon the wealth of the system with no accountability nor shame with FULL ELITIST ENTITLEMENT mindset. They abuse the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to the max by setting dubious standards which put up pseudo accountability system which most of the time rewards themselves with undeserving salaries and increments. Worse of all, when they indulge in doing whatever they can to meet these KPIs so that they could gain their perks and rewards, instead of doing good to Singaporeans as a whole, they have instead brought more undesirable results to the Nation as a whole.

It started right from the Top Political Leadership. When GDP growth is the single most important KPI used to judge whether the Ministers should get hefty bonuses and salary increment, we end up with the Growth At All Cost strategy which resulted worse quality of life for Singaporeans.

The same applies to many other sectors under PAP Government control. Look at SMRT. The trouble started when Saw just have that singular pursue to increase profit so that she could increase her bonuses and salaries throughout the years of her "glorious years". She went to such an extent that SMRT maintenance has been grossly compromised.

We thought that with her departure, we would get better people to run the system but we were proven wrong by PAP. They sent an Elitist PAPER GENERAL who has ZERO Corporate experience in running a train service to run the show! This elite continue to enjoy increment in his salaries while the train services continue to suffer numerous small and major breakdowns throughout the years! Yet, by using some OUT OF REALITY TOUCH KPI, he tried to justify how the train system and services have "improved"!

He has totally disregard the reality that Singaporeans have experienced on the ground and SMRT just avoid the label "breakdowns" whenever they can by putting up a false front of "delays" to mask away the reality! This is how they tried to GAME the system of KPI!

Similar thing happened to other GLCs like NOL. Another PAPER General was sent there and he continued to enjoy millions of dollars paid every year, with increments, while the company continues to bleed profusely! How? By showing that he is able to "cut cost"! But that doesn't help as the company continues to suffer great losses over the years and eventually, Temasek Holdings is going to sell it off!

It is a total shame that we are going to sell off our Nation's Flagship and key assets. NOL has special iconic value for a nation like Singapore which pride itself to be one of the busiest port in the world! But these Elites have no shame. Why? It is because they only have this Elitist Entitlement Mindset and they could just explain their GROSS incompetency away by hiding behind that KPI system.

PAP must understand that KPI should be a means to an end, to serve the people and Nation, not just a silly ploy for people to get hefty bonuses and salary increments. One may excel in ALL KPIs set but in the end, due to the methodology used in achieving these KPIs, they may create more harm than good to the Nation as a whole!

Most importantly, PAP must understand that no matter how elite you are in paper qualifications, if you do not have the necessary skill sets and knowledge of the business, you will fail! This especially true for top civil servants, government scholars and Army Paper Generals! If PAP continues to abuse the system of GLCs to feed their elitist cronies instead of assigning such important positions to people with real talents and expertise in the various fields, Singapore will be doomed with the fake Meritocracy buried under the dubious KPI system.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree that under PAP, meritocracy has failed the people to some or even a great extent, where even casinos are OK for GDP growth, and also the negative outcomes at SMRT and NOL.

But then, is voting more opposition of the likes of Goh Meng Seng or even Tan Jee Say into Parliament the better solution?

As a group, the opposition contested 100% of seats in GE 2015 but did not or dare not announce they are ready to be govt. This is already indirectly telling majority voters not to vote for opposition, as they will be a worse govt than PAP if elected!

So majority voters have no choice but to settle for the lesser of 2 evils.

Only when opposition leaders like Goh Meng Seng is able to lead a party which is ready to be govt will there be a glimmer of hope for the opposition to win any seats in future elections. If not, it is totally hopeless for the opposition to win at all. And yes, even WP may lose all that they had won too, if they remain the way they are.

3 dimentions said...

Be mindful, we have a few practical with a touch of humane writers to the forum page. What a waste that some of these people have not come forward to be MPS. The most worrying about the present MPS are always late and only act as post man to the different agencies. Forward to the authorities and sent the reply back to you.
The ministers culture is only to give speeches with we should do this and that. Second put their thoughts on their Facebook. Manual help is on the decline.
PM Lee has got his heart in the right place, but lack the authority of his father. Mrs Lee Ho Ching is a gentle matronly soul who stood graciously beside her husband as MRS PM. Though some ministers are becoming a joke, and the economy feels like stagnated in most areas, lets tighten our laces and use the free time for our love ones.