Tuesday, November 24, 2015

HDB ISSUE~ Unfinished Business

I was having coffee with a couple of friends and they started to talk about HDB issues. One of them is actually a property agent.

As usual, most of the time Singaporeans will just complain. But these friends are slightly better because they somehow have some ideas what are the root problems.

When they started to say that PAP won big because they have solved most of the problems raised in 2011 GE. I laugh. What about HDB prices?

They know the prices are sticky upwards. It is a concept in economics which is less well known. Well, why sticky upwards?

I told them the reasons and how it could be solved. And I told them I didn't bring this up since 2011 because people have this free rider mentality, be it voters, political parties or otherwise.

2015 GE results are not that unexpected to some party in retrospect. It is because there are too many opportunistic free riders waiting to ride on the waves of issues created by others. Contrary to popular belief, PAP has not solved the fundamental problem of HDB as basic public housing. But no one knows how to pin point the problem straight.

I didn't want to do it because I have to focus on the Minister I am tackling. I also think that for any opposition who is worth his salt, should show his own strength and should not be opportunistic in being mere wave riders.

Well, HDB issue is definitely an ongoing problem which cannot be solved by the current PAP methodology of merely increasing supply and policy tweaks.

Let PAP cracks their heads over it or young Singaporeans continue to suffer from their incompetency. It will come to a day of reckoning when the system collapses. It is a painful lesson needed to wake PAP up.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

Whether HDB issue is solved or not solved, majority of Sinkies will still have to live in HDB pigeonholes! Is there any other choice, besides renting or camping at East Coast Park?

And more importantly, and for PAP, majority voters also perceive that if PAP did not or cannot really solve the HDB issue, neither will the opposition! In fact the opposition if elected, will even be a worse govt than PAP, or so the majority perceived, and for good reasons too.

Now if I were the PAP Minister for National Development, where HDB is under my portfolio, does it really matter if the HDB issue is solved or not solved?

Anonymous said...

From Spacious Homes_ Confine Homes _ Pigeon Holes_ Telephone Booth_ Dog Kennel_____Bird Cage_______

1st World homes Jeeze.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Practice what you preached and lead by example. Who owns the land and new HDB? Reduce the price of land and the new BTOs and the rest will automatically follow? Simple logic. Don't put excuses prices are not coming down all because of your own doing

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All Verbiage No Substance. Strict Government Are Responsible For Sneaky People. What Was Put Out Is Not What You GET. At The End Of The Day Its Just Only Work For Money. Why Bother About As They Are Not Our Family Members.

Anonymous said...

Robotic people sucks.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why people complain about private property prices. We don't complain we cannot buy BTO due to rules.

Anonymous said...

to have them control us, use us, define us, asserting and manipulating us.

Anonymous said...

A shame that the country is ours the department head to give us permission as what we can and cannot buy.

Anonymous said...

Love my HDB. It's subsidies. 99 years private condos cost double and no subsidy.