Friday, July 31, 2015

Singapore - Our Lychee Island

During one of my visit to my parents' homeland in Hainan island, I learned how the farmers grow lychee trees.

They will have to trim the branches periodically so that the tree will have good bearing of fruits as it does not waste too much nutrients to sustain the excessive branches and leaves.

Singapore is just like an old lychee tree. There are too many excessive branches to be fed and thus, the tree produce less than optimum fruits for the people. Worse still, some of the deep old roots are so rotten and it deter healthy growth of the country.

The only way to make this little country Vibrant and healthy again is to trim off all those excessive crony tree branches and even dig in, cut off and remove the rotten roots while keeping the healthy ones.

Else this old lychee tree of ours will just die slowly by getting infectious rotten roots and over burden by the crony branches which suck off excessive nutrients from the fruits for our people.

We only have this little lychee tree which we call Singapore. No matter how hard it is to get rid of the excessive branches or deep rotten roots, we will have to do it. We want to get our country back again to serve its people, not some rotten roots or greedy branches.

Goh Meng Seng

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