Monday, May 11, 2015

My Wild Days

When I first watched what Amos Yee said on YouTube, my first reactions were, Bo Tua Bo Shoi, no big no small, disrespectful with his barrage of vulgarity. This is even though I dislike Dictator like LKY, I still think what he has done was rude and disrespectful, crude.

But I do not feel what he has said is in any way sedition in nature.

Looking back at my younger days when I was at his age, I have my fair share of wild days. As expressed in my earlier post on my little secret of Unorthodox Hot Temper in my Primary School, strong characters and sense of Social Justice, I became more wild in River Valley.

I became the ACCIDENTAL Chairman of Student Council after the preceding Chairman was forced to resigned. On the outlook, I am the type quiet Mr Nice guy, obedient and never create trouble kind.I was Chosen by the discipline master to replace the Elected Chair and naturally, I resisted at first but accepted reluctantly eventually.

But this position didn't last long when the discipline master reported police over a case of vandalism whereby his car was scratched. He accused a student who was just disciplined by him for the crime.

I felt that was unacceptable when the police just arrested the student when there was just mere suspicion. This act would have ruined the life of this student if he would have a black mark on his record. Counselling should be the appropriate approach.

Anyway, I didn't confront the discipline master or principal directly. Just like Amos, I made use of the mass media but in a more subtle and sophisticated way.

I was a regular contributor to the young writer section of the Chinese papers Zaobao. I wrote a fictitious story which mock and insinuate the way of how the school authority handled this issue was totally unjust and inappropriate.

It was published and of course, my school's disciplinary Master wasn't that stupid and soon found out from his friend working in the papers that I was the one who wrote that article.

Eventually I resigned as the Chairman of Student Council and the rest is history.

Well, when I look back, I realize what I did back then wasn't that different from Amos, making use of the media to voice out the unhappiness of injustice. But we do not have internet nor YouTube and I wasn't rude at all, just naughty with that stink of sarcasm and mockery.

Yes, I believe most of us were wild before in our younger days. Just that time has changed and the mindset of the young ones nowadays is totally different from ours.

Who didn't have their wild days? 人不轻狂枉少年,if you Haven't been wild before, you must have wasted your youth. We just need to have that little bit of empathy towards the young people who have gone overboard in their wildness, light touch and most importantly educate and counsel them into taking the more proper path.

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