Monday, May 11, 2015

My Little Secret of My Past

Ok, since the PAP IBs have surfaced to show their impatience, I shall talk about this little secret of my past.

As you might have known, I come from a SAP school River Valley High but not many people know that I also come from a village Primary School which was full of gangsters. Incidentally, I just found out Lee Lilian is my junior from this Primary School!

I was usually a very quiet student indulging in my own world, thoughts and dreams. I might not be the top in class but my studies were pretty ok.

But there was another side of me and this was revealed by my FB friend. Beyond that "good student" look, I was and still am unorthodox and I have extremely hot temper back then.

The extremely strong sense of justice and fairness would invoke strong responses from my hot temper whenever injustice was uncovered.

Once, a little rascal gangster attacked a fellow friend and a prefect right after school on the street outside our school. My friend was pretty small size in body build and was hantum on the back. I raced towards the attacker and hit him back, gave chase after he tried to get away. My whole lot of prefects followed me and gave chase.

Well, naturally, the whole lot of us, almost all prefects, were called up by our discipline masters the next morning and were given a lengthy lecture, with hair being pulled and palms being hit by his ruler.... such punishment was considered "light" by any standards during that time!

But from that day onward, those little rascals from those gangster groups would stay away from us, the prefects, keeping a far distance while the leader of the pack, called for truce thereafter.

Ironically, I wasn't the head prefect but apparently, become the unorthodox leader of this group of prefects. I became the "Pai Kia" of the "Hor Kias"; "Gangster figurehead" of the "Good boys".

When I became the "accidental" Student Council Chairman in River Valley High, that great sense of "Social Justice" and Hot Headed Temper reigned again. But this time, with some sophistication. Let's leave this story for another time, another day.

This great sense of "Social Justice" has remained in me up till now, although my HOT Temper was subdued by my practice of Buddhism and meditation over the years.

But my "Cow Boy Pai Kia Ah Beng" character still has a great imprint on my characters nowadays, though mitigated with more wisdom and mindfulness. Beware if you want to provoke me; you may get that unorthodox backlash upon you if you really make me angry, although it is very difficult to achieve anger in me at my age.

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