Sunday, April 17, 2011

In the Name of Opposition Harmony...

Yes, in the name of Opposition Harmony, NSP has decided to give up both Moulmein Kallang GRC to Workers Party and Yuhua SMC to Singapore Democratic Party.

It is indeed a very painful decision to make for NSP but for the larger good of opposition movement, we have decided to give up both places to the respective parties.

I personally feel that this is the only right thing to do even though I may be really upset by such development. With all the signs and observations made, I am convinced that this decision is the right decision in order for the opposition movement to advance forward. Right from the start, I have repeatedly stressed that Singapore voters do not want to see 3 corner fights, especially in a GRC. This is based on the observations made on the ground.

Another reason for NSP to come to this decision is reported on Yahoo News:

OOne of the reasons for backing out included WP's refusal to reveal its candidates who will be contesting in the area, leaving the NSP with uncertainties. This, Teo said, 'does not make it worth for the NSP to wait till the last minute'.

"For the benefit of the voters, for the benefit of the whole opposition, I think we have to make our decision early.

"As a responsible party, we should give our residents an informed kind of choice as early as we can," he said.

I am especially grateful to Socialist Front's Secretary General Chia Tilik to make the announcement that in the spirit of opposition unity and avoiding 3 corner fights, SF has decided not to send any candidates to contest in this GE.

He has earned my utmost respect for making this move for the bigger picture of the whole opposition movement.

NSP's full press release is as follows:

NSP's Decision On Moulmein-Kallang GRC and Yuhua SMC Singapore

15 April 2011

As had been reported by the media, both the National Solidarity Party (NSP) and the
Workers’ Party (WP) have expressed interest in contesting in the Moulmein-Kallang

There have been further discussions between NSP and WP since then. During the
discussions, WP has expressed a strong desire to contest in MK.

The decision that NSP has to make is a painful one. The Moulmein-Kallang GRC has a
large overlap with the Jalan Besar GRC in which NSP had contested in GE2001 and
GE2006, and bonds had been built with the residents in that area. However, in the
interest of opposition harmony, NSP has decided to withdraw from MK, and is declaring
this intention so that WP can proceed with its campaigns there unhindered.

We wish to apologise to the residents in Moulmein-Kallang GRC who have welcomed
our contest, but we are confident that WP will be able to put up a strong team to fight for their benefit and work for their well-being if elected.

In view of this new development, the team originally slated to contest in MK, namely
Jeisilan Sivalingam, Nor Lella Mardiiiah Binte Mohamed, Tony Tan Lay Thiam and Hazel
Poa Koon Koon will instead be led by Sebastian Teo, the President of NSP, to contest in Chua Chu Kang GRC (CCK).

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce the launch of our CCK Team’s

On this website, interested readers can get to know more about the candidates and
what they stand for.

NSP will also not be contesting in Yuhua SMC. We wish SDP all the best in their contest.


Sebastian Teo
President of NSP


Anonymous said...

Good move, NSP. You have my vote. Can all opposition parties quickly form a coalition now to show their solidarity.

Anonymous said...

NSP has my full respect for making such a bold decision to avoid a 3 corner fight in Moulmein-Kallang GRC and Yuhua SMC Singapore.

Have you ever consider sending a team to contest in Tanjong Pagar GRC which at this moment DPP has yet to show her face or start her campaigns there?

A request from a resident in Tanjong Pagar GRC.

noname said...


A BIG THANKS fom the bottom of my heart! You have done the right thing to avoid 3-cornered fight. Mr Goh has my utmost respect for the sake of the bigger picture i.e. making the winning chances by oppositions greater! I will be voting in the Chua Chu Kang GRC and I will for sure vote for NSP! Akan datang - PAP idiots!

Anonymous said...

well done NSP!!

Anonymous said...

Good decision and it also shows that NSP has wise leadership.
Hope voters will give NSP their supports.


Anonymous said...

kudos! <3
thanks NSP for providing the opposition with a fighting chance :D

and good luck to all the campaigners!

Anonymous said...

My utmost respect to you NSP.

My utmost respect also to SF Mr Chia Ti Lik who can see the bigger picture and the magnanimity to do the right thing.

We will not forget.

Like WP Sylvia Lim mentioned - we need 1/3 of the SINGAPORE LOYAL OPPOSITION to take the seat in the parliament in order to effect change.

My one and only one mission.

To me, you all are:
The "Singapore Loyal Opposition" Coalition


Representative of opposition voters said...

Yes. That is the right strategy for the good of Singaporean.

The simple reason is, in a 3 corner fight, the overall opposition voters will split their votes into the 2 opposition teams and thus diluting the % .

If there is only one to one contest, all the opposition supporters will surely vote for the only opposition team. In this way, the opposition team stands a higher chance of winning.

After all, whichever opposition party is contesting, the opposition voters already make up their mind to vote for

boss said...

Please come and contest Marine Parade GRC. We need oppo voices in Marine Parade GRC. Thank You

Anonymous said...

Way to go, 3 corner fights is a sure-lose situation for Opp. Good for all parties to sit down and discuss to ensure the team that has better chances is fielded. It takes lots of compromise and collaboration.

Best wishes for this GE !

Anonymous said...

thank you for speaking up for us the little voiceless fellow citizens.
please avoid 3 corner fight.Loser is the right thing. we remember.

Anonymous said...

It will be good if voters aware of

Ministers’ income in 2006 and 2011

And the nation’s median income in 2006 and 2011

Anonymous said...

thanks for the good move for the overall movement of opposition in singapore!

incidentally, i heard Mr. Ng Teck Siong of SF going to contest in Mountbatten!!! I'm in Mountbatten and I believe Jeanette Chong has been well received by the voters here... and here comes a Mr Ng in the last minute??? Please the to talk him out of this as Jeanette has a real chance to beat the pap guy (I dont even remember his name) here!!!

Anonymous said...

That's great, but what about Radin Mas SMC? Still having a three corner fight?

Anonymous said...

u guys are such idiots! Many voters in marine parade are prepared to vote against the PAP as they feel that the PAP is turning a deaf ear to ground feedback that TinPeiLing is too young and inexperienced for job of MP. Despite knowing the unhappiness of the voters over Tin, u promptly go field a 24 year old girl in Marine Parade!

Now the pple who wanted to vote against the PAP over the TinPeiLing issue has every reason to vote for her/PAP because your candidate is even younger than Tin.