Friday, April 15, 2011

A Challenge to Minister Mah

NSP has introduced its Tampines Team of candidates as well as Poineer SMC and Whampoa SMC yesterday afternoon.

I have taken the opportunity to issue a CHALLENGE to Minister Mah Bow Tan to have a debate on housing issues, whether it is in Town Hall or TV.

Housing prices will affect lots of other issues like fertility rate, cost of living, retirement financing etc. It is a serious issue with a long term impact of 20, 30 years or even more. Mah Bow Tan may not be a minister by then but who will be accountable for such impacts?

Thus, I feel that the seriousness of Housing Issue warrants a thorough debate and we will let the voters decide for their future, their future generations' future.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

Will Minister Mah discuss or debate the people's livelihoods; housing, social amenities and activities with the Alternative Politicians?

It will be a wonder if he entertains You. It is a fat hope on your part as he will not bring himself down to talk with an aspiring politician, one that is yet a parliamentarian. Much less for him to open himself to be examined by a citizen.


Anonymous said...

The PAP chaps will not do it, they will say : It is not necessary, it is not our style.

Look at the MCYS chap Vivian Balakrishnan. No, he is no pushover as far as debating is concerned. He has his debating credentials, but that is just it, only know how to argue. When it comes to real issues, he cannot argue, he does not have the ability to argue, he does not have much ground to argue. The nost important of all is, he has no morals, absolutely no morals at all, to argue.

So what about this Mah chap? He is not better than VB. He has made to many boo boos to even be able to stand to scrutiny.

We are not blind, we meaning the common Singaporeans living at the mercy of these higher mortals, the cruise-thru-parl-without-contest chap.

Yet, they are earning millions (an average of S$15 million per 5 term).


No, GMS, Mah will not face you. He can't. He has no moral to face the people. The fact that he still stand for election shows that he is without any shame.


GMS, we wish you all the best in this coming election. Please do not let the people down. You may think that the people's vote is important, but what is more important to us is you are the envoy of the people to punch thru hard messages for these deteriorated-quality ministers in parliament.

You and your colleagues are not merely candidates, you guys carry the hope of the people, for if you fail, you fail the people.

Hope to see your team in Parliament!

Best regards,
Ang Mo Kio resident.

Anonymous said...

Two Comments and both are very sure You will get no chance to have your challenge accepted.

Housing is an important issue for Singaporeans, like You, many want the Ministerto reveal the cost of building HDB Flat/shop and related issues such as lease, renting out and use of common areas such as void deck and common corridor etc. There are many questions that Singaporeans want to know BUT never get to know the answers.

Me suggest that You raise the issue in your newsletter, blog, during your party walk about, in newspapers, other blogsites, at rally during the hustings. Singaporeans will also get to share their views and opinions and participate in this issue that affects majority of them.

You have to publicize the Issue as early as possible as election is due soon. Waiting for Minister Mah to response to your invitation will be futile.


Anonymous said...

Dear GMS,

If I were in Tampines right now, I will vote for you. Keep increasing your visibility please.We support your work!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Goh,

We salute to you.... Plse form a team to contest in Marine Parade GRC.
Loa Goh is getting wild n keep on talking cocks if no one dare to challenge him.

Anonymous said...

Mah will not lower land cost to HDB. Please remember that the high price we pay for HDB has no land right. Its only a flat-leasing right of 99 years with many conditions attached. Very often HDB will enbloc your flat and force you to buy a new higher priced flat.

It happened to me, they gave me a ridiculously low valuation for my old flat and want me to buy a new high price flat.

Now the whole govt is trying to distract and talk themselves out of it knowing that they have the mass-media behind them.

Just hope that the govt will not short-changed Singaporeans.

furrybrowndog said...

Hi GMS, I wish you and your team all the best for the coming GE. I wish I could vote for you but I'm not a Tampines resident.

Anonymous said...

Even we are not able to get MBT on live TV or debate... watch his speech, his logic is pretty convoluted which seems to have intentionally phrased to confuse the voters. Many bloggers (Lucky Tan, Leong Sze Hian etc) are also quick to rebut him, I'm sure you can convincingly shoot down his response wrt HDB!

This guy should have disappeared after defeated by Chiam See Tong instead of making HDB so unaffordable for the next generation. Hope that NSP can make him disappear this time.