Sunday, November 28, 2010

What does "Freak Election Results" mean?

Well, this is definitely not an alien phrase for all of us. PAP has been talking about it for donkey years and this phrase has been raised again recently.

RP SG Kenneth gave a good rebuttal on "Freak Election Results": “How could it be a freak result if it is the will of the people?”

Yes, how could PAP ever think of such term? Does it mean that the people are "freak" to vote in opposition to replace PAP? How could the will of the masses be considered as "FREAK"?

Well, some PAP supporter has put it another way, when "freak" opposition members who have character flaws are voted into parliament, then it is considered as "freak election results". Sound good right? But wait, why would the masses vote someone who are "freak" with character flaws into parliament in the first place? What would these PAP supporters call them?

In democratic countries in the world, politicians who lost their elections, will just bow out, thank his supporters and respect the will and choice of the people. No matter how seemingly "unjust" the results could be. The following is the "DEFEAT SPEECH" by the President of Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan after she lost her elections yesterday.

Opposition parties have not mentioned about "Freak Election Results" when we know there are people who vote for PAP out of fear.We can lose elections but we must not lose our character. Never blame the voters, least accusing that as "Freak Election Results" because it is a disrespectful insult to the voters. Although we might have lost an elections, but we must win back applause and respect.

I initially thought that those who proclaim "Freak Election Results" are just Sore Losers. Only Sore Losers will make hell lot of noise when they lose, just like our childhood friends who will cry father cry mother when they lost a game or two.

But on second thought, there is more to it. It may really be a "Freak Election Results" because the ruling party has become so FREAK that Singaporeans will just abandon them. Maybe this is the real reason for "Freak Election Results" to happen.

Goh Meng Seng


sgcynic said...

If I understand Lee Kuan Yew correclty, it's daft election results..

LKY served in WW2 said...

After seeing all the screwups, cockups that affect so many Singaporeans...followed subsequently by lame excuses such as caught off guard, it's an act of god, what to do, it's happen, it's a global problem, we're looking at 30 years long term, blah,blah,blah...

it will indeed be a Freak election result IF the bloody PAP secure 66% or better.

To me, this is the true interpretation of a Freak election result for Singapore.

Anonymous said...

It would be freak if the govt still retains the same number of seats and %age votes.

Anonymous said...

Arrogant PAP is unable to accept the wishes of Singaporeans, so to them, things they don't like is freak.

They subscribe to this fallacy that only PAP has the mandate to rule and perpetuate this illusion by being authoritative.

The mighty will fall, time will tell.

'Mat said...

When you are almost 90, still "forecasting" at the rate of $3.7million per year (salary only), gripping tightly and jealously to power, refusing to shut your gap and yapping away like there's no tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

my version of 'freak election results' is PAP retains majority of votes but LKY and son along with Goh CT, Wong KS plus Teo CH being voted out.

due to such a heaven-sent result, sporeans will get 'zorro' as their new PM!

Anonymous said...

It would be a highly desired freak election result, a god sent, if we have the Lees and GCT and Wong KS pensioned off.
Without their goading, the rest may probably govern much more sensibly and humanely.