Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Contest in Tampines against Mah Bow Tan and ...

The above picture shows a major event coming up in Tampines on 21 Nov 2010. Tree planting, Neighbourhood Renewal Programme and free Dinner etc. The intriguing thing about this poster is on the left bottom corner where it states Guest of Honour as Mr. Masagos, the newly promoted minister of state for Education and Home Affairs. The distinguished guests include all other MPs of Tampines except Minister Mah Bow Tan, the anchor minister of Tampines GRC.

As there is a hint here that MBT may not be standing in Tampines, I have told a ST reporter that PAP or Minister Mah should make clear whether he is still standing in Tampines or any other place else because I will follow him. PAP has claimed that they take GE as the "contest of ideas" and I would like to contest MBT's or PAP's idea of public housing as investment.

If MBT is to retire from politics, which is more probable than moving to other GRC or SMC, then such intentions should be made known so that I could contest such idea of Public Housing against future Minister of National Development.

Of course, I hope that it is just coincidental that MBT is out of town and unable to attend the above mentioned event on 21 Nov 2010.

Many people tend to think that Tampines is a "sweet ground" to contest for the next GE. However, in reality, Tampines is traditionally a "hard ground" for opposition parties. The main reason is that more than 32% of Tampines flats are 5 room flats, executive flats, condominium or landed properties. (refer to data released by Department of Statistics in 2000).

Although Mah Bow Tan is one of the rare PAP members/ministers who have lost an election before (in Potong Pasir 1984) but he is definitely not a pushover. It is precisely the fact that he has tasted bitter defeat that he is exceptional careful in cultivating his own turf in Tampines. Choosing one of the hardest ground in Singapore is one of the first step to ensure better chances of defence against challengers. A typical HDB estate would have only 9%-15% of 5 room flats/ condominium. (eg. Ang Mo Kio estate has about 9%) Tampines is one of the very few HDB estates with such high percentage of 5 room or higher flats.

Intriguingly, a couple of opposition parties begin to be interested in Tampines GRC or rather, contesting against Mah Bow Tan AFTER NSP has set the fire on the HDB issues since 2008/9. I was tasked by my party to take over the responsibility to form a team to contest in Tampines and I have formulated the Minister-specific strategy since then. Most people in opposition parties are not very keen in contesting in Tampines basically because of the higher middle-upper class mix in Tampines, which is traditionally viewed as more supportive of PAP generally. Truly so, Tampines has NEVER been a "hot spot" since its inception.

NSP has been contesting in Tampines GRC for the past elections. NSP has been contesting in Tampines GRC since its inception in 1988, except for 1997 GE whereby it was a walkover for PAP. In 2001 and 2006 GEs, NSP candidates stood in Tampines GRC under the SDA banner.

Thus, while I am not surprised at SDA declaration on Berita Harian as well as SDP's assertion of interests that they want to contest in Tampines GRC, I am sadden by the fact that they have disregarded NSP's continuous political effort in Tampines GRC for the past two decades. Especially so when NSP has successfully turned Tampines GRC from a "traditionally cold spot" into a "hot spot" via various deliberate strategic moves made in the past two years. Unfortunately the bees will definitely be attracted to the honey.

I sincerely hope that SDA and SDP should reconsider their position so to avoid multi-corner fight in Tampines GRC. I think in general, Singaporeans do not wish to see multi-corner fights at this instance. However, if all rational reasoning fails, I am prepared for the worst scenario as well.

Goh Meng Seng


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Anonymous said...

I m a voter in Tampines and I do not foresee any of the Incumbent MPs abandoning this Ward, they are no cowards.
And that's for sure.
As to whether Oppositions will vie for the Ward amongst themselves with the PAP, it's hard to say.
Oppositions have yet to learn to cooperate or show respects to each other. If there were/are infightings within their own parties and members(election candidates) jumping ships now and then. They are not giving voters much confidence.
Luckily, many in Cyberspace are asking voters to vote the monkey, chimpanzee from the Oppositions no matter how clumsy they are against the papies.

Wish that voters will heed the Calls and Oppositions Candidates can be less fickle-minded if they are sincere to the electorates.

Anonymous said...

Incumbent MPs are all cowards, if not they will band together in the GRC. You mean no infighting in PAP? The old man curbed it with his iron hand. Fighting means there is democracy, people can voice their ideas, same or different.

Many people in Cyberspace are unable to voice their views in the main channels and chosen to take their notice boards to cyberspace. Where in the world you find people unable to speak their mind? North Korea, Mynamar, China and... you know who.

The pap is winning mainly due to:
1. die hard core like you
2. kiasi/kiasu
3. looking for benefits

Hopefully you be replaced by the FTs or new citizens and thrown out of your job. Then you know the true colours of pap.

Please refrain from using the old mentality of taxi candidates and excuses as a pap lackey. The opp have PhD scholars, successful businessmen, lawyers etc.

What a sick lackey without substance.

Anonymous said...

Me has always admired the pack for their cohesiveness which sadly is very lacking in Opposition Parties.

AND me had posted a few times that my vote will go to any candidate except those representing PAP.

Me thanks You for the lashings, it does not hurt nor change me.

Good Night!

2nd Anon 8:16pm
aka patriot

teddi said...

hopefully there's not 3 corner fight. and i hope NSP stays on tampines! woohoo!.

bring up NSP popularity in tampines. it will go a long way. no one likes MBT even the papies know. the stronghold here is only Irene. the rest are crap.